2015-10-10 lukauboot-envtools: Add Gateworks Ventana Support
2015-10-09 mbomap24xx: Append dtb to the zImage
2015-10-08 kalozmvebu: add support for the Linksys WRT1900ACS (Shelby)
2015-10-07 jowuhttpd: fix keep-alive bug (#20607, #20661)
2015-10-07 cyrusbase-files: revert to default ECN settings
2015-10-07 blogiclantiq: activate spi-xway on TDW89X0
2015-10-07 blogiclantiq: spi driver fix
2015-10-07 mbdl_cleanup: Fix linux blacklist
2015-10-07 mbdl_cleanup: Port to Python 3
2015-10-07 mbomap24xx: Add missing kconfig options
2015-10-07 mbomap24xx: KERNEL_PATCHVER:=4.1
2015-10-07 mbomap24xx: Remove 4.0
2015-10-07 blogiclantiq: bugfix luci lantiq_dsl status
2015-10-07 blogicramips: fix /target/linux/ramips/dts/HC5XXX.dtsi
2015-10-06 nbdhostapd: wait longer for inactive client probe (empty...
2015-10-06 nbdkernel: drop the now unused kmod-oprofile package
2015-10-06 nbdoprofile: drop kmod-oprofile dependency, it uses the...
2015-10-06 nbdramips: enable mt76 by default for the mt7620 subtarget...
2015-10-05 nbdmt76: update to the latest version, adds a few minor...
2015-10-05 nbdmac80211: add a fix to initialize the tid field in...
2015-10-05 nbdbuild: include homebrew include/library directory in...
2015-10-05 nbdbuild: use host cflags/ldflags for openssl prereq check
2015-10-05 nbdramips: improve read performance of the m25p80 chunked...
2015-10-05 blogiclldpd: wrap procd command args in separate quotes
2015-10-05 blogicbase-files: add URL option for OEM manufacturer info
2015-10-05 blogicopenvpn: add handling for route-pre-down option
2015-10-05 blogicuboot_envtools: add P2812HNUF1
2015-10-05 blogiclantiq: several ARV7519RW22 fixes
2015-10-05 blogiclantiq: make v4.1 the default kernel
2015-10-05 blogiclantiq: Add target TP-Link TD-W8980
2015-10-05 blogiclantiq: fix ath_pci_fixup hang on bridged devices
2015-10-05 blogiclantiq: Change the data-type of mac address in ETOP...
2015-10-05 blogiclantiq: bugfix uninitialized variables
2015-10-05 blogicbrcm2708: keep boot partition mounted to allow users...
2015-10-05 blogicbrcm2708: add support for device tree overlays
2015-10-05 blogicbrcm2708: switch device tree compilation to linux
2015-10-05 blogicbrcm2708: fix kmod-sound-soc-bcm2708-i2s config
2015-10-05 blogicramips: improve systick timer
2015-10-05 blogicramips: fix use remove_irq to release irqaction resource
2015-10-05 blogicramips: add support for 16MB VoCore
2015-10-05 blogicramips: fix size-cells for spi nodes
2015-10-05 blogicramips: Ralink RT3883 RGMII pinmux fix.
2015-10-05 blogicramips: Enable rx of 1536 bytes ethernet frames on...
2015-10-05 blogicramips: Fix too small rx buffer
2015-10-05 blogicramips: Fix setting of rx buffer length
2015-10-05 blogicramips: Allow to receive vlan over untag ports on MT7530
2015-10-05 blogicramips: Add build files for HiWiFi HC5x61 models
2015-10-05 blogicramips: Add DTS files for HiWiFi HC5x61 models
2015-10-05 blogicramips: Add base-files for HiWiFi HC5x61 models
2015-10-05 blogicar71xx: Correct WeIO board name
2015-10-05 blogictarget/mpc85xx: check if 'generic' subtarget for image...
2015-10-05 jowiwinfo: nl80211: add support for reading TX power from...
2015-10-05 rmileckiar71xx: rename firmware for Chinese version of TL-WR941...
2015-10-04 matteolantiq: fix gcc 5 build
2015-10-04 matteolantiq: fix binutils 2.15.1 build
2015-10-04 haukekernel: update 4.1 to 4.1.10
2015-10-03 drop LD_LIBRARY_PATH overrides
2015-10-02 nbdlibnl: Install include files into libnl3
2015-10-02 cyrusiproute2: adapt coexistence layer to new unified path
2015-10-02 cyrusbase-files: sanitize and unify $PATH
2015-10-02 rmileckiprocd: make nand_do_platform_check check image only
2015-10-01 nbdmusl: re-enable des crypto support, fixes pppd MPPE...
2015-10-01 nbdtoolchain/uClibc: add support of uClibc-ng
2015-10-01 blogicralink: add irq to mt7628 gpio node
2015-10-01 blogicrpcd: update to latest git HEAD
2015-10-01 blogicralink: the mmc driver can now handle CD lines that...
2015-10-01 blogicralink: speed selection was broken in spi-mt7621
2015-09-29 jowquilt: add further relocatability fixes
2015-09-29 jowprereq-build: test availability of Perl Thread::Queue...
2015-09-28 nbduml: backport another upstream patch to fix compile...
2015-09-28 nbdbase-files: add a dependency on fstools
2015-09-28 rmileckihostapd: check for banned client on association event
2015-09-27 nbdmt76: update to the latest version, fixes some aggregat...
2015-09-27 nbduml: fix build with gcc 5
2015-09-27 nbduml: update to linux 4.1
2015-09-27 rmileckimac80211: backport patch setting TX power in interface...
2015-09-27 rmileckibrcm47xx: describe 300-fork_cacheflush.patch & 310...
2015-09-27 rmileckibrcm47xx: describe 160-kmap_coherent.patch
2015-09-27 rmileckibrcm47xx: describe 610-pci_ide_fix.patch
2015-09-26 nbdigmpproxy: fix spurious restarts on interface events...
2015-09-26 nbdnetifd: update to the latest version, fixes spurious...
2015-09-26 rmileckibcm53xx: add early support for Linksys EA6300 V1
2015-09-26 nbdbison: replace the yacc script with one that does not...
2015-09-26 nbdtools/patch: enable parallel build
2015-09-25 jowfirewall: allow DHCPv6 traffic to/from fc00::/6 instead...
2015-09-25 rmileckikernel: crypto: fix ubsec_ssb.c compilation with 4.0+
2015-09-24 nbdkernel: backport some SPI layer improvements from 4...
2015-09-24 nbdmt76: update to the latest version, adds performance...
2015-09-24 nbdath9k: fix handling of tx headroom for padding (fixes...
2015-09-24 nbdmac80211: fix a few issues with fast-xmit support
2015-09-24 rmileckikernel: remove old "rootfs" splitter
2015-09-24 rmileckioxnas: add platform_pre_upgrade for sysupgrade
2015-09-24 rmileckioxnas: drop some unused sysupgrade code
2015-09-24 nbdlibnl: split libnl into smaller libraries
2015-09-24 nbdar71xx: Add WeIO Board Support
2015-09-24 nbdkernel: add missing CAN related config symbol
2015-09-24 nbdar71xx: fix bogus hardcoded kernel image size for Seama...
2015-09-24 nbddropbear: add respawn param in case dropbear crashes
2015-09-24 nbdimx6: disable ext2/ext3 filesystem support (ext4 is...
2015-09-24 nbduml: disable ext2/ext3 filesystem support (ext4 is...