2015-12-28 lukaimx6: fix device-tree mac address assignment for ventan...
2015-12-28 lukaimx6: add i2c retries for Ventana /dev/i2c-0
2015-12-28 lukaimx6: imx: thermal: use CPU temperature grade info...
2015-12-28 lukaimx6: Add pwm nodes
2015-12-28 lukaimx6: ventana: add ecspi3 host controller for GW52xx
2015-12-28 lukaimx6: Add 4.3 support
2015-12-28 lukaimx6: drop lingering files
2015-12-27 hauke6in4: Corrected tunnelbroker tunnel update URL
2015-12-23 nbdar71xx: fix sysupgrade for wnr2200
2015-12-23 blogiclibnl: fix warning with poll.h include on musl
2015-12-23 blogicbinutils: upgrade to version 2.25
2015-12-23 blogiclantiq: fix Image Builder
2015-12-23 blogicfstools: update to latest git HEAD
2015-12-23 blogicca-certificates: update to version 20151214
2015-12-23 blogicswconfig: switch kernel PORT_LINK support to SWITCH_TYP...
2015-12-23 blogicswconfig: support receiving SWITCH_TYPE_LINK from kernel
2015-12-23 blogicswconfig: add SWITCH_TYPE_LINK and support sending...
2015-12-23 blogiclantiq: fix PCI_DEVICE_ID_LANTIQ_PCIE
2015-12-23 blogiclantiq: ltq-adsl-mei: fix typo
2015-12-23 blogiclantiq: TDW89x0 - increase spi frequency
2015-12-23 blogiclantiq: disable SW_PORTMAP usage in the ethernet driver
2015-12-23 rmileckiledtrig-netdev: reset link status & stats after changin...
2015-12-23 rmileckiledtrig-netdev: drop locking from timer callback function
2015-12-23 rmileckiledtrig-netdev: switch rwlock to spinlock
2015-12-23 blogicar71xx: Update preinit script for new ath10k firmware
2015-12-23 blogicath10k-firmware: Update QCA988X firmware to 10.2.4...
2015-12-23 blogicar71xx: refresh patches
2015-12-23 blogicar71xx: add support for QCA956x ethernet
2015-12-23 blogicar71xx: update QCA956x support
2015-12-23 blogicbase-files: allow timezone to be overriden by zonename...
2015-12-23 blogicopenvpn: fix configure options
2015-12-23 blogictools/e2fsprogs: remove outdated configure args
2015-12-23 blogicutil-linux: remove outdated configure options
2015-12-23 blogicpackage/lldpd: Remove extraneous select
2015-12-23 blogicfirmware-utils: allow mkfwimage2 to use - in partition...
2015-12-23 blogicdnsmasq: Add option --no-ping
2015-12-23 blogicar71xx: Add support for AirTight Networks C-55
2015-12-23 blogicrb532: switch to 4.1
2015-12-23 blogicrb532: build squashfs image by default
2015-12-23 blogicrb532: increase kernel partition
2015-12-23 blogiclantiq: Configure LED polarity for TDW8970 and TDW8980.
2015-12-23 nbdkernel: make kmod-thermal dependency conditional to...
2015-12-23 nbdkernel: add remaining kernel patch accidentally left...
2015-12-23 nbdgcc: remove v4.6 relicts
2015-12-23 nbdkernel: backport all current pppoe kernel fixes to...
2015-12-23 rmileckiledtrig-netdev: update base driver instead of patching...
2015-12-22 nbdkernel: make kmod-thermal dependency conditional to...
2015-12-22 nbdkernel: make kmod-gpiofan depend on kmod-thermal to...
2015-12-22 wigyoripackages: bump uboot-sunxi to enable H3 support
2015-12-20 nbdmac80211: merge a fix for a ps-poll handling issue
2015-12-20 wigyorikernel/4.4: add missing config options
2015-12-20 nbdar8216: rework/fix AR8337 MAC swap handling
2015-12-20 kalozmwlwifi: upgrade to
2015-12-19 nbddnsmasq: changed option nonwildcard to --bind-dynamic
2015-12-19 nbdar71xx: Add ath79_register_m25p80_large to support...
2015-12-19 nbdRevert "bzip2: extend/fix the Host/Install rule to...
2015-12-19 nbdbase-files: cleanup mtd_get_mac_binary hexdump
2015-12-19 nbdar71xx: scan nand ubi partition for ath9k eeprom files
2015-12-19 nbdar71xx: refactor 10-ath9k-eeprom
2015-12-19 nbdar71xx: PowerCloud CR5000 openwrt configuration
2015-12-19 nbdar71xx: PowerCloud CR3000 OpenWrt configuration
2015-12-19 nbdar71xx: PowerCloud CAP324 OpenWrt configuration
2015-12-19 nbdar71xx: Image generation for PowerCloud CR5000 Cloud...
2015-12-19 nbdar71xx: Image generation for PowerCloud CR3000 Cloud...
2015-12-19 nbdar71xx: PowerCloud CAP324 image generation
2015-12-19 nbdar71xx: Kernel board definition for PowerCloud CR5000
2015-12-19 nbdar71xx: Kernel board definition for PowerCloud CR3000
2015-12-19 nbdar71xx: Kernel board definition for PowerCloud CAP324
2015-12-19 use cross toolchain cpp for processing dts...
2015-12-19 nbdramips: disable NAND device in mt7621.dtsi to fix boot...
2015-12-18 nbdramips: update DTS files to use jedec,spi-nor compatibl...
2015-12-18 nbdltq-vdsl-app: enable Annex-M support, disable unsupport...
2015-12-18 nbdltq-vdsl-app: remove whitespace after -i, it prevents...
2015-12-18 rmileckibrcm47xx: fix switch config for devices with WAN port 0
2015-12-18 rmileckibrcm47xx: update kernel 4.4 config
2015-12-18 rmileckibrcm47xx: add kernel 4.4 support
2015-12-17 blogicralink: update the mt7621 ethernet support patch
2015-12-17 blogicnetwork/services/lldpd: Fix missing dependency when...
2015-12-17 blogicar71xx: add support for TRENDnet TEW-823DRU
2015-12-17 blogicdante: update to 1.4.1
2015-12-17 blogicomap: add kernel 4.4
2015-12-17 blogicuboot-omap: update to 2015.10
2015-12-17 blogickernel: kmod-ptp selects a new config symbol
2015-12-17 blogicbrcm2708: update 4.1 patches
2015-12-17 blogicbrcm2708-gpu-fw: update to latest version
2015-12-17 blogiccns3xxx: add GW2393 Support
2015-12-17 blogiccns3xxx: Fix comment
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: fix ARV7519RW22 buttons
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: ltq-ptm: set carrier status
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: ltq-atm: set carrier status
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: add the TDW8980 5GHz led
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: Fix LED handling.
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: Configure LED polarity for TDW8970.
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: Configure disabled WLAN bands for TDW89X0.
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: Allow configuration of ath9k disabled bands...
2015-12-17 blogicath9k: Allow configuration of LED polarity in platform...
2015-12-17 blogicath9k: Pass LED polarity to ath_create_gpio_led when...
2015-12-17 blogicramips: mt7621: fix error message when initramfs is...
2015-12-17 blogicramips: remove unwanted change from patch
2015-12-17 blogicramips: change CM_GCR_BASE_CMDEFTGT_MEM value to match...