2015-11-20 lukaimx6: ventana: remove invalid video options from bootscript
2015-11-19 nbdubus: update to the latest version, adds support for...
2015-11-19 haukeath10k-firmware: fix patch of firmware
2015-11-19 wigyoripackages: uboot-sunxi: update Lamobo R1 patch
2015-11-19 cyrusodhcpd: correctly handle netlink congestion case
2015-11-19 lukaimx6: refresh patches
2015-11-18 lukaimx6: remove obsolete VENTANA_DTS from profile
2015-11-18 lukaimx6: add Vetnana LVDS support
2015-11-18 lukaimx6: ventana: fix GW16083 device-tree patch
2015-11-18 lukaimx6: drop support for kernel 3.18
2015-11-18 lukaimx6: convert ventana images to squashfs+ubifs overlay
2015-11-18 lukaimx6: kernel: add UBI_BLOCK support
2015-11-18 lukaimx6: switch to v4.1
2015-11-18 lukaimx6: add Gateworks GW551x support
2015-11-18 lukakirkwood: nsa310s: fix partition size
2015-11-18 haukekernel: fix menu for scsi-tape
2015-11-18 blogicuboot-envtools: add support for linkits7688d
2015-11-18 nbdgcc: fix internal compiler error on MIPS with MIPS16...
2015-11-17 jownetifd: fix device status reporting for external interfaces
2015-11-17 nbdgcc: switch to 5.2.0 by default
2015-11-17 nbdgdb: use separate patches for upstream and ARC gdb
2015-11-17 nbdgcc: add a patch to 5.x that supports translation of...
2015-11-17 rmileckiprocd: drop nand_upgrade_stage1 from sysupgrade_pre_upg...
2015-11-16 jowmusl: fix handling of point-to-point interfaces in...
2015-11-16 jowkernel: kmod-udptunnel6 depends on IPv6
2015-11-16 rmileckikernel: add CONFIG_SSB_HOST_SOC symbol
2015-11-16 nbdltq-app-vdsl: convert init script to procd, add support...
2015-11-16 rmileckibrcm47xx: backport BCM47xx MIPS commits from 4.3 and...
2015-11-16 rmileckikernel: backport ssb changes from 4.4-rc1
2015-11-15 haukekernel: support for scsi tape devices
2015-11-15 haukebase-files: add DCCP to /etc/protocols
2015-11-15 nbdconntrack-tools: preserve /etc/conntrackd during upgrade
2015-11-15 nbdkernel/modules: add OCTEON SHA512 module
2015-11-15 nbdkernel/modules: move SHA512 to its own package
2015-11-15 nbdkernel/modules: add OCTEON SHA256 module
2015-11-15 nbdkernel/modules: add OCTEON SHA1 module
2015-11-15 nbdkernel/modules: add OCTEON MD5 module
2015-11-15 nbdocteon: remove 3.18 support
2015-11-15 nbdocteon: switch to 4.3
2015-11-15 nbdocteon: add support for 4.3
2015-11-15 nbdkernel: add patch to fix prefsrc lookups
2015-11-15 nbdxtables-addons: update to 2.9
2015-11-15 nbdath10k-firmware: update firmware version for QCA988X...
2015-11-14 nbdipq806x: enable vfpv4 support and set cpu type to cortex-a9
2015-11-13 haukekernel: take bcm47xx_nvram.h from kernel and not backports
2015-11-13 nbdgcc: set the isl/cloog prefix when graphite is enabled...
2015-11-13 nbdtools: add isl (used for graphite on GCC 5)
2015-11-13 nbdscripts/ reduce config output with CONFIG...
2015-11-12 nbdscripts/ reduce config output with CONFIG...
2015-11-12 nbdnetifd: update to the latest version, contains several...
2015-11-11 nbdkernel: fix an af_packet regression that was breaking...
2015-11-11 lukakirkwood: add Linksys routers to default profile
2015-11-11 lukauboot-envtools: kirkwood: fix EA35/4500 board names
2015-11-11 nbdlibnl-tiny: include <sys/socket.h>
2015-11-11 nbdhostapd: Use network_get_device instead of uci_get_state
2015-11-11 nbdath10k-firmware: update firmware version for QCA988X
2015-11-11 nbdelfutils: bump to 0.164
2015-11-10 haukekernel: add missing config options
2015-11-10 haukear71xx: add Arduino Yun
2015-11-10 haukear71xx: serial: core: add support for boot console...
2015-11-10 haukear71xx: add function to access the GPIO function2 register
2015-11-10 lukauhttpd: add support for configuration option ubus_cors
2015-11-10 nbdkernel: fix breakage in the 4.3 version of 611-netfilte...
2015-11-10 nbdtoolchain/gdb: disable python support
2015-11-10 nbdtoolchain: remove obsolete relinking code
2015-11-10 nbdopkg: remove obsolete gcc version check
2015-11-10 nbdgcc: remove version 4.6, it is no longer needed
2015-11-10 nbdgcc: enable LTO support unconditionally
2015-11-10 nbdgcc: use version 5.x for octeon instead of 4.6 - it...
2015-11-10 nbdbuild: add -Wno-error=unused-result to target cflags
2015-11-10 nbdopenvpn: enable options consistency check even in the...
2015-11-10 nbdtoolchain: add support of ARC architecture
2015-11-10 nbdath10k-firmware: add qca6174 firmware (mostly untested)
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: rename EA3500/EA4500 profiles
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: add diag LED on Linksys EA3500
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: support sysupgrade on Linksys EA[34]500
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: support Linksys boot counter on EA[34]500
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: generate factory images for Linksys EA[34]500
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: find active Linksys root partition
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: consistently use engineering board names
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: rework Linksys EA[34]500 DTS
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: enable squashfs-on-ubiblock support
2015-11-08 nbdmac80211: restricted automatic channel selection
2015-11-08 nbdtools/e2fsprogs: update to 1.42.13
2015-11-08 nbde2fsprogs: add packages for "chattr" and "lsattr"
2015-11-08 nbdconntrack-tools: split into conntrack/conntrackd
2015-11-08 nbdconntrack-tools: upgrade to 1.4.3
2015-11-08 nbdconntrack-tools: remove default config file
2015-11-08 nbdx86: add generic profiles to x86_64, kvm_guest and...
2015-11-08 nbdar71xx: add support for TP-LINK TL-WR941ND v6 (internat...
2015-11-08 nbduhttpd: update to the latest version, adds support...
2015-11-08 nbdlibubox: update to the latest version, adds a small...
2015-11-07 nbdar71xx: fix typo in r47416
2015-11-07 nbdar71xx: fix alignment of struct arpt_arp (fixes #14577)
2015-11-07 nbdkernel: remove kmod-xen-kbddev, it is already enabled...
2015-11-07 nbdkernel: remove kmod-acpi-button package, it is already...
2015-11-07 nbdtoolchain: remove obsolete kernel version check
2015-11-07 nbdkernel: remove linux 4.0 support
2015-11-07 nbdimage: append-ubi: add optional UBI subpage size
2015-11-07 nbdtools/quilt: fix build error during kernel_menuconfig...