2013-05-02 jowfirewall3: update to git head
2013-05-02 jowuci: update to git head
2013-05-02 nbdtools/mtools: disable iconv support, it breaks on some...
2013-05-02 jowatheros: remove static gpio_request() from board setup...
2013-05-02 jowkernel: Explicitly set the order of autol...
2013-05-02 jowtoolchain: add missing patch to gcc v4.8.0
2013-05-02 jowFix install of iptables pkg-config files.
2013-05-01 juhosgkernel: update linux 3.8 to 3.8.11
2013-05-01 florianbrcm63xx: fix typo and missing BCM6328 check in BCM6345...
2013-05-01 florianbrcm63xx: add missing binary operands to BCM6345 ethern...
2013-05-01 florianbrcm63xx: remove 3.7 kernel support
2013-04-30 juhosgkernel: add md5sum for 3.9 final
2013-04-30 juhosgar71xx: rename WNR2000v3 support patch
2013-04-30 juhosgfirmware-utils/mktplinkfw: add description for -W optio...
2013-04-30 juhosgx86/geos: switch to 3.8.10
2013-04-30 juhosglinux/3.9: implement pcibios_get_phb_of_node for MIPS
2013-04-30 juhosglinux/3.8: use backported pcibios_get_phb_of_node patches
2013-04-30 juhosgkernel: update linux 3.8 to 3.8.10
2013-04-30 juhosgat91: add missing config symbols
2013-04-30 juhosglinux/3.{8,9}: add missing symbols
2013-04-30 juhosglinux/3.{8,9}: turn on CONFIG_NET_SCH_FQ_CODEL
2013-04-30 blogicramips: move dlink profile to correct sub folder -...
2013-04-30 blogicramips: move dlink profile to correct sub folder
2013-04-29 jogotoolchain: gcc: backport fixes for gcc bug 54295
2013-04-29 mirko[packages] move packages related to telephony into...
2013-04-28 haukebroadcom-diag: support for the WNDR3700v3
2013-04-28 haukeacx-mac80211: make it compile with recent mac80211...
2013-04-28 haukebrcm47xx: use kernel 3.8.10 as default kernel
2013-04-28 haukebroadcom-wl: read channel using wlc on detect
2013-04-28 haukebrcm47xx: add board detection for NETGEAR WNDR4500 V2
2013-04-28 haukemac80211: brcmsmac: remove initial support for core...
2013-04-28 haukemac80211: b43: only use gpio 0 and 1 for the wifi led
2013-04-28 haukekernel: fix a memory leak in split_rootfs_data()
2013-04-28 haukemac80211: b43: Handle DMA RX descriptor underrun
2013-04-28 haukekernel: update bcma and ssb for kernel 3.8+ to version...
2013-04-28 jowiwinfo: fix iwinfo_hardware() return value if chip...
2013-04-28 jogokernel: update linux 3.9 patches to rc8
2013-04-28 jogokernel: add missing bcma defines and header file for...
2013-04-27 nbdath9k: fix keycache handling with many connected clients
2013-04-27 nbdmac80211: refresh patch
2013-04-27 jownetifd: update to git head - disables multicast snoopin...
2013-04-26 juhosgar71xx: add user-space support for WNR2000v3
2013-04-26 juhosgar71xx: add profile and build image for WNR2000v3
2013-04-26 juhosgar71xx: Add Netgear WNR2000v3 support
2013-04-26 juhosgar71xx: add profile and build image for the TL-WR720N...
2013-04-26 juhosgar71xx: add user-space support for the TL-WR720N v3...
2013-04-26 juhosgar71xx: add kernel support for TPLINK WR720N v3
2013-04-26 juhosgfirmware-utils/mktplinkfw: add support for the TL-WR720...
2013-04-26 juhosgmpc85xx: Add subtargets Generic and P1020
2013-04-26 juhosgkernel: update linux 3.8 to 3.8.9
2013-04-26 juhosgat91: upgrade to kernel 3.8.7 and use devicetree
2013-04-26 juhosgramips: rt3883: fix build error
2013-04-26 jowiwinfo: add hw database file
2013-04-26 jowiwinfo: move builtin hardware database to /usr/share...
2013-04-26 nbdmac80211: update to wireless-testing 2013-04-16 + backports
2013-04-25 blogicprocd: fix wrap around bug in logread time handling...
2013-04-25 blogichotplug2: make it depend on !PROCD_INIT
2013-04-25 blogiclantiq: make leds and network work on VG3503J
2013-04-25 blogiclantiq: fix board detection helpers
2013-04-25 blogiclantiq: move dts files to thir own folder
2013-04-25 blogicgeneric: fix rtl8366_smi compile warning
2013-04-25 blogiclantiq: disable sw portmaps on xrx200 ethernet as segme...
2013-04-25 blogiclantiq: make lzma-loader based images for VG3503J
2013-04-25 blogiclantiq: update VG3503J.dts to match new partition layout
2013-04-25 blogiclantiq: add lzma-loader source
2013-04-25 blogicramips: add profile for Dlink DIR-615 H1
2013-04-25 blogicramips: remove now unneeded user-space board detection
2013-04-25 blogicramips: introduce DTS for ALL5003
2013-04-25 blogicramips: set preinit interface to eth0 by default.
2013-04-25 blogicramips: Add Alpha ASL-26555 support.
2013-04-25 blogicramips: Add support of D-link DIR-620D1
2013-04-25 blogicramips: sync kernel patches with the mips-next tree
2013-04-25 blogicpreinit: move cmdline failsafe= handling ot the generic...
2013-04-25 blogicmount_root: prepare base-files
2013-04-25 blogicboot: make use of kmodloader if it is available
2013-04-25 blogicubox: add ubox package
2013-04-25 blogicprocd: update to latest git version
2013-04-25 nbdnetifd: update to the latest version, fixes interface...
2013-04-24 cyrus6relayd: Fix generation of RA-messages
2013-04-24 jowiwinfo: add SR71-15 radio info, fix nl80211 channel...
2013-04-24 cyrusfirewall3: Make IPv6 ULA-Border generation dynamic
2013-04-24 jowEnable hidraw support.
2013-04-24 jowAdd kernel module package for hid-generic driver.
2013-04-24 cyrus6relayd: update package description
2013-04-24 cyrusdnsmasq: update to 2.66
2013-04-24 cyrusodhcp6c: Set default SOL_MAX_RT to 1h
2013-04-23 nbdhostapd: return the frequency to some ubus calls to...
2013-04-23 nbdmac80211: use the original mac address for the first...
2013-04-23 jogobcm63xx: update patches with upstream submissions
2013-04-23 jogobcm63xx: switch to linux 3.8
2013-04-23 jowlldpd: upgrade to 0.7.1
2013-04-23 jowgettext-full: updated to
2013-04-23 jowlibevent2: update to 2.0.21
2013-04-23 jowlibmnl: update to 1.0.3
2013-04-23 jowlibnetfilter-conntrack: update to 1.0.3
2013-04-23 jogopolarssl: update to 1.2.6
2013-04-23 jogoncurses: update to 5.9
2013-04-23 jogolibnl: update to 3.2.21
2013-04-23 jogokernel: add kmod-mcp23s08 package
2013-04-22 cyrusChange default IPv6 config to enable DHCPv6-PD