2014-09-10 lukakernel: remove unused versions
2014-09-10 nbdatheros: enable the low_mem flag to better deal with...
2014-09-10 nbdhostapd: add ubus bindings for wps
2014-09-10 nbdar71xx: ack completed tx descriptors only after the...
2014-09-10 nbdprocd: allow adding empty strings to arrays
2014-09-09 lukaimx6: fix image build for Generic profile.
2014-09-09 nbdath9k: fix pll clock initialization on newer soc device...
2014-09-08 haukekernel: drop 3.9 support
2014-09-08 haukegemini: drop kernel 3.9 support
2014-09-08 haukegemini: switch to kernel 3.10
2014-09-08 haukeomap: add kernel 3.14 support
2014-09-08 haukekernel: add bcma patches sent upstream but not pushed yet
2014-09-08 haukekernel: update bcma to the version from wireless-testin...
2014-09-08 blogicralink: dwc_otg->dwc2
2014-09-08 blogicralink: add dwc2 device_reset() call
2014-09-08 nbdath9k: add some ani related stability / performance...
2014-09-08 nbdtools: fix mtools/dosfstools related build system warnings
2014-09-08 cyrusnetifd: work-around kernel IPv6 on-link route issue
2014-09-08 blogiclantiq: add ath9k led pin support
2014-09-08 wigyorisunxi: re-add lradc driver in 3.14
2014-09-07 wigyoritools: build dosfstools and mtools for sunxi
2014-09-07 nbdath79: dev-eth: Don't advertise 1gbit in link code...
2014-09-07 jogomac80211: enable DFS support for ath9k/10k by default
2014-09-07 jogotoolchain/binutils: do not install host libiberty.a...
2014-09-06 nbdar71xx: re-enable descriptor splitting on ar716x after...
2014-09-06 nbdar71xx: fix off-by-one error in packet descriptor split...
2014-09-06 nbdar71xx: on ar716x, split ethernet packets in 512 byte...
2014-09-06 nbdatheros: remove linux 3.10
2014-09-06 wigyorisunxi: bump kernel to 3.14.16
2014-09-06 wigyorisunxi: update pcDuino3 profile to the new u-boot
2014-09-06 wigyorisunxi: update Bananapi profile to the new u-boot
2014-09-06 wigyoriuboot-sunxi: bump to 2014.04
2014-09-05 nicouml: bump to 3.14.16
2014-09-04 nbduclient: update to the latest version, fixes some crash...
2014-09-03 florianat91: build images for AT91SAMA5D3XPLAINED
2014-09-03 florianat91: add SAMA5D3 subtarget
2014-09-03 florianat91: move legacy Kconfig options to subtarget
2014-09-03 florianat91: switch to 3.14
2014-09-03 florianat91: add 3.14 support
2014-09-03 florianat91: move 3.10 specific files and patches
2014-09-03 florianat91: add Kconfig symbol for CONFIG_USB_ATMEL_USBA
2014-09-03 florianat91: add CONFIG_USB_OHCI_HCD_AT91 to usb-ohci
2014-09-03 florianat91: fix typo on Calao
2014-09-03 florianinclude: add Cortex-A5 CPU_TYPE
2014-09-03 florianat91: create a legacy subtarget
2014-09-02 blogicmdns: update to latest git head
2014-09-02 nbdmtd: disable trx_check() for ar71xx, fixes a regression...
2014-09-02 nbdmtd: Fix trx check after partition rename ("linux"...
2014-09-02 nbdomap: remove 3.12 kernel patches
2014-09-02 nbdcns3xxx: support isolated PCI interrupts on newer Lagun...
2014-09-01 nbdsdk: keep $(STAGING_DIR)/usr/bin, at least curl needs it
2014-09-01 blogicmac80211: rt2x00: fix of ht20/ht40 switching fix
2014-09-01 blogicmac80211: rt2x00 correctly set ht20/ht40 filter
2014-08-31 nbdnetifd: update to the latest version, adds interface...
2014-08-31 nbdnetifd: update to the latest version, fixes proto-shell...
2014-08-31 nbdAdd 'subversion' build dependency to README
2014-08-31 nbdnettle: disable mips16 support to improve performance
2014-08-31 nbdimagebuilder: remove postinst files before generating...
2014-08-30 jogobinutils: link libbfd and libopcodes dynamically again
2014-08-30 blogicipx806x: bump to 3.14.16
2014-08-30 blogictarget: set myself as maintainer
2014-08-30 blogicipq806x: Add support for IPQ806x chip family
2014-08-30 nbdar71xx: disable ethernet descriptor splitting for now...
2014-08-30 floriankirkwood: fix typos on DEBUG_LL_UART_*
2014-08-29 nbdar71xx: select m25p80 support instead of spi support...
2014-08-29 nbdmac80211: fix crash when unloading drivers (#17706)
2014-08-29 nbdar71xx: split packets into multiple descriptors on...
2014-08-29 blogicprocd: run the mdns register outside the sub shell...
2014-08-29 blogicdropbear: add mdns support to the init.d script
2014-08-29 blogicmdns: update to latest git
2014-08-29 blogicprocd: update to latest git HEAD
2014-08-29 nbdtools/libtool: add missing dependency on m4
2014-08-28 blogicralink: DIR-645 picks up incorrect MAC address in DTS...
2014-08-28 blogicdnsmasq: Make the --dhcp-host logic easier to understand
2014-08-28 blogicdnsmasq: Fix hosts file format when MAC address is...
2014-08-28 blogicdnsmasq: Create rDNS records for LuCI "Hostnames"
2014-08-28 blogicar71xx: add Support for RB2011UiAS-2HnD
2014-08-28 blogiclantiq: BTHOMEHUBV2B use bigger mtd partition for kernel
2014-08-28 blogicramips: unbreak i2c for 3.14
2014-08-27 lukakirkwood: refresh kernel config
2014-08-27 wigyorisunxi: initial 3.14 patchset
2014-08-27 nbdtools/bc: add missing dependency on bison
2014-08-27 nbdtools/flex: disable building shared
2014-08-27 nicokernel: revert [40784]
2014-08-26 blogicralink: set 3.14 as default
2014-08-26 blogickernel: add package for huawei ncm modems
2014-08-26 nbdtarget/toolchain: strip files, leave out the initial gcc
2014-08-26 nbdbuild: override hardcoded paths to bison and m4 to...
2014-08-26 blogicumbim: update to latest git
2014-08-26 blogicusbmode: update to latest git
2014-08-25 lukaimx6: refresh patches
2014-08-25 lukakernel: 3.14: refresh patches
2014-08-25 lukakernel: 3.14: backport for igb driver resolving a drive...
2014-08-25 lukaimx6: kernel: backport upstream fix for IMX6DL 800MHz...
2014-08-25 blogicralink: the mt7620 evb has a usb port
2014-08-25 blogicralink: a few 3.14 related fixes
2014-08-25 blogicralink: fix mt7620 ohci 3.14
2014-08-25 blogicralink: fix mt7620 ohci 3.10
2014-08-25 blogicralink: mt7620 has obchi/ehci and not dwc2
2014-08-25 blogickernel: add ohci-platform.ko for 3.11+