2014-12-01 nbdopenvpn: update to 2.3.6, fixes CVE-2014-8104
2014-12-01 blogicmalta: set 3.14 as default
2014-12-01 blogicfstools: make the block tool ignore case when comparing...
2014-12-01 nbdkernel: update 3.18 to rc7
2014-12-01 blogicutil-linux: fix more missing dependencies introduced...
2014-12-01 blogicuqmi: fix SEGFAULT on reading Unicode sms messages
2014-12-01 blogicutil-linux: fix missing dependency introduced by r43459
2014-12-01 blogicoxnas: change visible board name
2014-12-01 blogicoxnas: ehci: rename vendor prefix plxtch to plxtech
2014-12-01 blogichostapd: improve 802.1x dynamic vlan support with bridg...
2014-12-01 blogicbase-files: default_postinst() - create user:group...
2014-12-01 blogicar8216: factor out reg_port_stats_base parameters to...
2014-12-01 blogicar8216: factor out mii_lo_first to ar8xxx_chip
2014-12-01 blogicar8216: factor out chip-specific data structures from...
2014-12-01 blogicar8216: factor out set_mirror_regs to ar8xxx_chip
2014-12-01 blogicar8216: factor out mib_func to ar8xxx_chip
2014-12-01 blogicar8216: factor out info whether switch should be config...
2014-12-01 blogicrealview: add 3.14 support
2014-12-01 blogicixp4xx: add 3.14 support
2014-12-01 blogicau1000: add 3.14 support
2014-12-01 blogicar71xx: Add build profile for the gl-inet 6416A and...
2014-12-01 jogobrcm63xx: add kernel 3.18 support
2014-12-01 jogotoolchain-headers: also copy asm-eva.h for mips(el...
2014-12-01 lukautil-linux: package libsmartcols
2014-12-01 nbdmkimage: remove check for miscompiled __weak
2014-12-01 jogobrcm63xx: register interrupt-controllers through DT...
2014-12-01 jogobrcm63xx: dtsi: add missing ranges properity to ubus...
2014-12-01 jogobrcm63xx: dtsi: add missing properties to cpu nodes
2014-12-01 jogobrcm63xx: convert to irq domain
2014-12-01 jogobrcm63xx: refresh patches
2014-12-01 jogobrcm63xx: add DT support for DSL-2650U
2014-12-01 jogobrcm63xx: add DT support for DSL-2740B/DSL-2741B rev F1
2014-12-01 jogobrcm63xx: Add DT support for F@ST2504n
2014-12-01 jogobrcm63xx: add DT support for F@ST2704V2
2014-12-01 jogobrcm63xx: add DT support for F@ST2604
2014-12-01 jogobrcm63xx: add DT support for F@ST2404
2014-11-30 nbdtoolchain: uClibc: fix compile with full language suppo...
2014-11-30 nbdtoolchain: uClibc: fix build with CONFIG_BUILD_NLS...
2014-11-30 lukakernel: add missing config symbol for 3.18
2014-11-30 lukautil-linux: update to 2.25.2
2014-11-30 nbdath5k: fix hardware queue index assignment
2014-11-30 nbdtools/mkimage: fix build errors (#18445)
2014-11-30 nbdgengetopt: fix parallel build issues (#18442)
2014-11-30 nbdath9k: fix hardware tx queue allocation order
2014-11-30 kaloz[tools]: add gengetopt
2014-11-30 lukauboot-kirkwood: bump to 2014.10
2014-11-30 lukamalta: add more 3.14 kernel symbols
2014-11-30 lukakirkwood: change CRC32 implementation to CRC32_SLICEBY8
2014-11-30 lukauboot-envtools: bump to 2014.10
2014-11-30 lukakirkwood: refresh kernel config
2014-11-30 lukageneric: set CONFIG_GENERIC_NET_UTILS
2014-11-29 luka[package] uboot-*: update license info in uboot packages
2014-11-29 luka[tools] mkimage: update to 2014.10
2014-11-29 lukakernel: update 3.14 to 3.14.25
2014-11-29 lukamalta: add support for 3.14
2014-11-29 lukamalta: drop 3.12 config file
2014-11-28 rmileckiprocd: fix typo in s/TRX/TAR/
2014-11-28 lukax86: add support for 3.14
2014-11-28 cyrusntp: add hotplug class for ntp-events
2014-11-28 floriankernel: 3.18: Fix patch 644 dependency chain
2014-11-28 floriandevel: import perf from oldpackages
2014-11-28 nbdscripts/config.sub: add back musl support that was...
2014-11-28 cyrusodhcp6c: avoid busylooping with strangely behaving...
2014-11-27 nbdcns3xxx: fix PCIe->PCI bridge access (fixes #18422)
2014-11-27 nbdmpc85xx: update to linux 3.14
2014-11-27 nbdmpc85xx: refresh linux 3.14 patches
2014-11-27 nbdmpc85xx: remove the PHY reset change patch (no longer...
2014-11-27 nbdar8216: suppress PHY reset for linux 3.14
2014-11-27 nbdkernel: backport patches for overriding PHY reset to...
2014-11-27 nbdmac80211: update regdb to master-2014-11-18
2014-11-27 nbdmt76: fix a compile error on 3.18
2014-11-27 nbdcns3xxx: add experimental 3.18 support
2014-11-27 nbdkernel: add missing KEEP() statements for gc-sections...
2014-11-27 nbdkernel: keep __bug_table with gc-sections
2014-11-27 nbdcns3xxx: fix pcie root bridge topology
2014-11-27 nbdfirmware-utils: remove dependency on error.h in tplink...
2014-11-27 kaloz[ar71xx]: add D-link DGL-5500 A1 support
2014-11-27 cyrusnetifd: correctly handle source-parameter for IPv4...
2014-11-26 nbdcns3xxx: add missing dma mask for ethernet device
2014-11-26 nbdcns3xxx: switch to using the upstream dwc2 driver inste...
2014-11-26 nbdcns3xxx: update to linux 3.14
2014-11-26 nbdcns3xxx: remove bogus image added in r38703
2014-11-26 nbdcns3xxx: set base device for ethernet port netdevs
2014-11-26 nbdcns3xxx: fix passing the device to dma mapping ops
2014-11-26 kaloz[ar71xx]: fix the r6100's wan led name
2014-11-26 blogicuboot-omap: add C4 revision in findfdt
2014-11-26 blogickirkwood: Add support for Iomega StorCenter ix2-200
2014-11-26 blogicuboot-envtools: add support for oxnas target
2014-11-26 blogicadd uboot-oxnas
2014-11-26 blogicadd new target 'oxnas'
2014-11-26 add default packages for NAS device-type
2014-11-26 blogickernel: unset CONFIG_ARM_CCN
2014-11-26 blogicar71xx: add support for TP-LINK CPE210/220/510/520
2014-11-26 blogicfirmware-utils: add new tool tplink-safeloader for...
2014-11-26 blogicmtd: fix 2 compiler warnings
2014-11-26 kaloz[ar71xx]: Netgear R6100 support
2014-11-25 nbduqmi: update to the latest version, also set 802.3...
2014-11-25 jogobrcm63xx: uci-defaults: network: move DSL-274x1 F1...
2014-11-25 jogobrcm63xx: unify dt image generation
2014-11-25 jogobrcm63xx: move rsa signature to additional options