2016-04-09 blogicramips: fix for Planex MZK-WDPR (lcd control gpio).
2016-04-09 blogicramips: mt7621: fix Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X profile
2016-04-09 blogicramips: mt7621: sync MQmaker WiTi profile name to dts...
2016-04-09 blogicramips: enable device profiling by dts
2016-04-09 blogicramips: mt7621: add a device to TARGET_DEVICES after...
2016-04-09 blogicramips: mt7621: fix initramfs image for ubnt-erx
2016-04-09 rmileckibcm53xx: add basic support for Netgear R7900
2016-04-08 rmileckibcm53xx: add PCI iproc patch adding abort handler
2016-04-08 rmileckiRevert "bcm53xx: revert patch removing imprecise abort...
2016-04-06 kalozmwlwifi: upgrade to
2016-04-01 rmileckibcm53xx: use the final fix for iproc bcma regression
2016-04-01 rmileckibcm53xx: drop unneeded 4.3 SPROM patch
2016-04-01 blogicpackage/utils/usbutils: Update USB IDs list to snapshot...
2016-04-01 blogicpackage/libs/libusb: Update to 1.0.20
2016-04-01 blogicpackage/libs/lzo: update version to 2.09
2016-04-01 blogicar71xx: WPN824N: enable buttons
2016-04-01 blogicar71xx: WPN824N: set WLAN LED name
2016-04-01 blogicar71xx: fix the revision of a few TP-LINK devices in...
2016-04-01 blogicar71xx: avoid AR71XX_MODEL ending with a space on some...
2016-04-01 blogicar71xx: check both HWID and HWREV on upgrades of TP...
2016-04-01 blogicramips: move different subtarget image generation to...
2016-04-01 blogicbrcm2708: add brcmfmac43430-firmware-sdio for Rasberry...
2016-04-01 blogicbrcmfmac43430-firmware: add new package
2016-04-01 blogicar71xx: WNR2200: enable control of all LEDs and buttons
2016-04-01 blogicar71xx: WNR2200: fix for random WLAN MAC
2016-04-01 blogicar71xx: Add TL-WR841N/ND v11 support
2016-04-01 blogicmediatek: update patches
2016-03-30 rmileckikernel: update kernel 3.18 to version 3.18.29
2016-03-30 rmileckibcm53xx: improve USB 2.0 PHY support for BCM4709 and...
2016-03-30 rmileckibcm53xx: support USB 3.0 PHY on BCM4707 rev. 6 and...
2016-03-30 rmileckibcm53xx: simpify USB 3.0 PHY initialization
2016-03-29 wigyoripackage: uboot-sunxi: various changes
2016-03-25 lukauboot-mvebu: add package
2016-03-24 lukaar71xx: cosmetic fix of alfa ap120c/ap96 ordering
2016-03-23 lukauboot-envtools: add support for ap120c
2016-03-23 lukaar71xx: add support for ap120c
2016-03-23 blogicar71xx: migrate tplink cpe510 to new build steps
2016-03-23 blogicar71xx/image: allow builds of loader without cmdline...
2016-03-23 blogicar71xx/image: introduce LOADER_TYPE to support elf...
2016-03-23 blogicuboot-zynq: Update to U-Boot 2016.03 release
2016-03-23 blogiczynq: Simplify boot-img build
2016-03-23 blogicar71xx: WNR1000v2: enable control of all LEDs and buttons
2016-03-23 blogicar71xx: Add QCA955X GPIO mux and function definitions
2016-03-23 blogicar71xx: Add support for ath79_gpio_function_* on QCA955X
2016-03-23 blogicmac80211: build airo on x86 only
2016-03-23 blogicRevert "ar71xx: Clear bits in ath79_setup_qca955x_eth_cfg"
2016-03-23 blogicRevert "ar71xx: Allow to set the RXDV, RXD, TXD, TXE...
2016-03-23 blogicar71xx: Use private version of ath79_setup_qca955x_eth_...
2016-03-23 blogicar71xx: Use private version of ath79_setup_qca955x_eth_...
2016-03-23 blogicoxnas: set ubifs parameters for Default profile
2016-03-23 blogicmediatek: patch block2mtd to allow cmdlineparts to...
2016-03-22 blogicmediatek: update patches
2016-03-21 blogicmt76: fix compile error
2016-03-21 blogicmediatek: bump to v4.4
2016-03-21 juhosggeneric/4.4: remove ISSI SI25CD512 SPI flash support...
2016-03-21 juhosgramips: lzma-loader: fix O32 ABI conformance
2016-03-21 juhosglantiq: lzma-loader: fix O32 ABI conformance
2016-03-21 juhosgbrcm47xx: lzma-loader: fix cache invalidation
2016-03-21 juhosgbrcm47xx: lzma-loader: remove trailing whitespaces...
2016-03-21 juhosgadm5120: lzma-loader: fix cache invalidation
2016-03-21 juhosgadm5120: lzma-loader: remove trailing whitespaces from...
2016-03-21 juhosggeneric: lzma-loader: fix cache invalidation
2016-03-21 juhosggeneric: lzma-loader: remove trailing whitespaces from...
2016-03-20 blogicodhcp6c : Silence mtu write error warnings
2016-03-20 blogicar71xx: WNR1000v2: fix for random WLAN MAC
2016-03-20 blogiclantiq: use upstream mechanism to append device tree...
2016-03-20 blogicwireless: remove rtl8188eu (staging)
2016-03-20 blogicwireless: add vendor dirs
2016-03-20 blogicmac80211: add cisco airo
2016-03-20 blogicwireless: remove cisco airo
2016-03-20 blogicramips: MiWifi-Nano - change gpios to leds, add to...
2016-03-20 blogicoxnas: sync cpu-hotplug with mach-realview
2016-03-20 blogicoxnas: add spinlock in pinctrl driver
2016-03-20 blogicoxnas: also reset GPIO B registers on boot
2016-03-20 blogicoxnas: switch to new image generation template
2016-03-20 blogicoxnas: add Default profile and reorganize device profiles
2016-03-20 blogicinclude/ allow including U-Boot environment...
2016-03-19 haukelinux-firmware: fix rt73-usb-firmware package
2016-03-18 haukekernel: update kernel 4.1 to version 4.1.20
2016-03-17 haukemac80211: libertas-spi: deactivate for UML target
2016-03-17 haukekernel: add missing kernel options
2016-03-17 haukekernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.6
2016-03-16 blogicar71xx: Use PHY fixups for Open Mesh MR1750
2016-03-16 blogicar71xx: Use PHY fixups for Open Mesh MR900
2016-03-16 blogicar71xx: Allow to set the RXDV, RXD, TXD, TXE delays...
2016-03-16 blogicar71xx: Clear bits in ath79_setup_qca955x_eth_cfg
2016-03-16 blogicar71xx: Extend the list of bits in QCA955X_GMAC_REG_ETH_CFG
2016-03-16 blogicar71xx: Add support for the OMYlink OMY-X1
2016-03-16 blogictools/flex: update to 2.6.1
2016-03-16 blogicramips: Add support for Xiaomi MiWiFi Nano
2016-03-16 blogicbrcmfmac: Add Raspberry Pi 3 support
2016-03-14 lukakirkwood: refresh patches
2016-03-14 lukakirkwood: drop 3.18
2016-03-14 lukakirkwood: switch to 4.4
2016-03-14 lukakirkwood: add 4.4 support
2016-03-14 lukauboot-kirkwood/goflexhome: explicit define the size...
2016-03-14 lukauboot-kirkwood/goflexhome: add forgotten include openwr...
2016-03-14 lukauboot-kirkwood/goflexhome: update bootargs to use new...
2016-03-14 lukakirkwood/goflexnet/goflexhome: change mtd layout to...
2016-03-14 lukakirkwood/goflexhome/goflexnet: merge "root" and unused...