2014-02-18 nbduci: update to latest version, adds preparation for...
2014-02-17 cyrusodhcp6c: send reconfigure-accept again to be compliant
2014-02-17 cyrusodhcpd: Fix RA interval + add support for prefixes...
2014-02-17 wigyori3.13: revert r39601 as the symbol is already there
2014-02-17 wigyori3.13: add missing NF_TABLES symbol - until someone...
2014-02-17 wigyori3.13: add missing symbol
2014-02-16 luka[tools] cmake: upgrade to
2014-02-16 cyrusnetifd: work around dangling prefix kernel-routes ...
2014-02-16 lukakirkwood: dockstar: remove sata from packages
2014-02-16 lukakirkwood: add support for Seagate GoFlexNet
2014-02-16 luka[package] uboot-kirkwood: add support for Seagate GoFlexNet
2014-02-15 lukakirkwood: update support for dockstar
2014-02-15 lukakirkwood: update support for ib62x0
2014-02-15 lukakirkwood: update support for iconnect
2014-02-15 luka[package] uboot-kirkwood: update to 2013.10
2014-02-15 lukakernel: rtl8306: update reset function
2014-02-15 lukalantiq: fix typo in pinctl driver
2014-02-15 lukalantiq: fix PCI problems on ARV4510PW
2014-02-14 cyrusnetifd: fix source-routing breaking 6in4 + others
2014-02-14 kaloz[omap]: use the default package set
2014-02-13 jowar71xx: fix mtdpartsize macro in image Makefile (#14961)
2014-02-13 kalozupgrade 3.13 targets to 3.13.2, refresh patches
2014-02-13 kaloz[generic]: upgrade 3.12 to 3.12.10
2014-02-13 kaloz[omap]: change image generation logic
2014-02-12 kalozhandle "neon" fpu type
2014-02-12 kaloz[omap]: handle some CONFIG_TARGET_ROOTFS_INCLUDE_ foo
2014-02-12 kaloz[omap]: copy initramfs zImage to the bin dir as well
2014-02-12 kaloz[omap]: generate ubifs images
2014-02-12 cyrusodhcp6c: remove source-restriction from local routes...
2014-02-12 lukaimx6: drop 3.12 support
2014-02-12 lukaimx6: add initial 3.13 support
2014-02-11 nbdmac80211: send wpa frames through the WMM voice queue...
2014-02-11 nbdath9k: add p2p client mode support powersave patches
2014-02-11 nbdrtl8187: fix crashes on mips caused by misaligned DMA...
2014-02-11 lukamvebu: enable NAND controller support
2014-02-11 lukamvebu: add support for the Armada XP GP board (DB-MV784...
2014-02-11 lukamvebu: update kernel config
2014-02-11 lukamvebu: backport mainline patches from kernel 3.13
2014-02-11 lukamvebu: backport mainline patches from kernel 3.12
2014-02-11 lukamvebu: backport mainline patches from kernel 3.11
2014-02-10 haukekernel: fix kmod-usb-phy-nop
2014-02-10 haukekernel: fix kmod-usb-net-smsc95xx
2014-02-10 kaloz[generic/3.13]: keep initramfs the default for us
2014-02-10 kaloz[usb]: phy-omap-control.ko is already part of a differe...
2014-02-10 kaloz[usb]: additional omap/musb related fixes
2014-02-10 kaloz[usb]: fixup ethernet gadget, disable EEM support
2014-02-10 kaloz[omap]: don't build in usb stuff
2014-02-10 kaloz[usb]: package the driver for smsc95xx chips
2014-02-09 kaloz[usb]: add additional omap related changes
2014-02-09 kaloz[usb]: additional musb fixups
2014-02-09 kaloz[usb]: musb depends on usb-gadget support
2014-02-09 kaloz[usb]: use musb in PIO mode, as DMA support is platform...
2014-02-09 kaloz[usb]: add more musb symbols
2014-02-09 kalozfix logic error on fpu cflags selection
2014-02-09 kaloz[usb]: make musb available for omap as well
2014-02-09 kaloz[usb]: rename Kconfig symbol to the current one
2014-02-09 kaloz[usb]: move some omap24xx modules to the generic Makefile
2014-02-08 haukekernel: add kmod-usb-net-kalmia
2014-02-08 haukekernel: XHCI PCI quirks for kernel 3.12 and 3.13
2014-02-08 haukekernel: fix bridge compilation on kernel 3.13
2014-02-08 haukekernel: negate kernel version dependencies to fix confi...
2014-02-08 haukekernel: add missing config symbol for 3.13.
2014-02-08 haukemac80211: add led_trigger_blink{_oneshot}()
2014-02-08 jogomvebu: remove forced module config
2014-02-08 haukeacx-mac80211: really fix the build
2014-02-07 nbdath9k: merge tx iq calibration fixes
2014-02-07 wigyori[3.13]: and add some more symbols
2014-02-07 kaloz[x86_64]: upgrade to 3.13.1
2014-02-07 kaloz[generic/3.13]: add more symbols
2014-02-06 haukeauthsae: Update authsae to latest version
2014-02-06 wigyorimxs: bump target to 3.13.1
2014-02-06 wigyorisunxi: bump target to 3.13.1
2014-02-06 wigyorisunxi: various 3.13 usb changes
2014-02-06 kaloz[omap]: switch to 3.13.1
2014-02-06 kaloz[omap]: add 3.13 support
2014-02-06 kalozadd md5sum for 3.13.1
2014-02-06 kaloz[package/mac80211]: fix wl12xx compile error introduced...
2014-02-06 nbdlibpcap: disable some autodetected features to avoid...
2014-02-06 cyrusodhcp6c: Fix timing and some regressions from yesterday
2014-02-06 kaloz[toolchain/gcc]: upgrade Linaro GCC 4.8 to 2014.01
2014-02-05 wigyorisunxi: sun6i-a31 changes
2014-02-05 haukeiw: update to iw 3.14
2014-02-05 haukekernel: kmod-fs-jfs
2014-02-05 haukeatheros: change LINUX_VERSON from 3.8.13 to 3.10.28
2014-02-05 haukeacx-mac80211: fix build after recent mac80211 update...
2014-02-05 cyrusodhcpd: fix homenet dhcpv6 filter
2014-02-05 cyrusodhcp6c: Add support for userclass and vendorclass
2014-02-05 wigyorimxs: initial 3.13 support
2014-02-05 wigyorimxs: update duckbill DTS to fix include
2014-02-05 nbdtcpdump: update to current upstream version 4.5.1
2014-02-05 nbdlibpcap: update to current upstream version 1.5.3
2014-02-05 wigyorisunxi: fix USB voltage on pcDuino
2014-02-05 wigyorisunxi: initial 3.13 support
2014-02-05 wigyoriuboot-sunxi: various fixes
2014-02-04 haukebrcm47xx: new patch adding arch workarounds.c
2014-02-04 haukebrcm47xx: use upstream patch removing WGT634U code
2014-02-04 haukebrcm47xx: move OpenWrt arch patches a bit further
2014-02-04 haukebcm53xx: update the bcm53xx patches
2014-02-04 haukekernel: bgmac: update bgmac to a version from kernel...
2014-02-04 haukekernel: ssb: update ssb to a version from kernel 3...