2015-05-03 kalozgeneric/4.0: update to 4.0.1
2015-05-03 nbdbase-files: fix logic error in led default handling...
2015-05-03 kalozmpc85xx: replace WDR4900 uci-defaults ethernet MAC...
2015-05-03 kalozmpc85xx: gianfar: add mtd-mac-address support
2015-05-03 kalozmpc85xx: move newly created files from patch files...
2015-05-03 kalozThe ability to read MAC addresses from MTD is useful...
2015-05-03 cyrusnettle: bump to 3.1.1
2015-05-02 cyrusdhcp: add option specifying overriding custom-routes
2015-05-02 cyrusnetsupport: package L2TPv3 over IPv6 as well
2015-05-01 jowenv: allow passing a commit message on save
2015-05-01 jowmake-ext4fs: avoid using libc internal declarations
2015-04-30 cyrusmap: shorten autogenerated sub-interface names to accou...
2015-04-29 lukaar71xx: fix leds and gpio on wpj344
2015-04-29 lukaar71xx: fix sysupgrade for compex-wpj344
2015-04-29 cyrusdnsmasq: bump to 2.73rc7
2015-04-28 cyrusodhcpd: Remove prefix class config option as not suppor...
2015-04-28 cyrusodhcp6c: Fix white space errors
2015-04-28 jogokernel: disable INET_LRO by default
2015-04-27 jogobrcm63xx: fix bcm6348 ext irqc compatible name
2015-04-27 jogobrcm63xx: fix bcm3368.dtsi typo.
2015-04-25 nbdsdk: filter out CONFIG_SIGNED_PACKAGES for generated...
2015-04-25 nbdkernel: implement RENAME_EXCHANGE support for jffs2...
2015-04-24 rmileckiRevert "nvram: increase NVRAM size to 64 KiB"
2015-04-24 rmileckinvram: fix regression in finding NVRAM beginning
2015-04-24 rmileckimac80211: backport brcmfmac to support multiple devices...
2015-04-24 rmileckimac80211: update brcmfmac to the wireless-drivers-next...
2015-04-24 rmileckibcm53xx: sort ports from NVRAM entries before matching...
2015-04-23 floriannetlogic: copy initramfs image to $(BIN_DIR)
2015-04-23 rmileckikernel: backport rest of bgmac patches to 4.0
2015-04-23 cyrusdnsmasq: bump to 2.73rc6
2015-04-23 rmileckikernel: backport few bgmac patches to 4.0
2015-04-23 rmileckibrcm47xx: add patches for kernel 4.0
2015-04-23 nbdRevert "ncurses: cleanup InstallDev"
2015-04-23 fix typo (patch from #19540)
2015-04-23 nbdhostapd: backport fix for CVE-2015-1863, refresh patches
2015-04-22 rmileckinvram: increase NVRAM size to 64 KiB
2015-04-22 rmileckinvram: refuse to open NVRAM for writing if it's too...
2015-04-22 rmileckinvram: drop check for WGT634U using /proc/diag/model
2015-04-22 rmileckinvram: use correct variable name for MTD partition...
2015-04-22 rmileckinvram: drop support for ancient /dev/mtdblock/%d
2015-04-22 nicohostapd: mark wpa-supplicant & wpad-mesh as broken...
2015-04-22 kalozmwlwifi: upgrade to the latest revision
2015-04-22 kalozgeneric/4.0: bump to final version
2015-04-21 jogobrcm63xx: fix leds bcm963269bhr
2015-04-21 jogobrcm63xx: add missing bcm96329bhr profile and dts
2015-04-21 blogicuqmi: auto retry when bringup fails
2015-04-21 blogicumbim: auto retry when bringup fails
2015-04-21 blogicralink: the systick clocksource was calculating a bad...
2015-04-21 blogicAdd support for Ubiquiti Rocket M XW devices
2015-04-21 blogicar71xx: spi cleanup for ap121, db120, ubnt-xm and ap136
2015-04-21 blogicar71xx: merge ap81 patches into one
2015-04-21 nbdnetifd: update to the latest version, fixes retry when...
2015-04-21 nbdmt76: remove specific firmware versions from makefile
2015-04-21 nbdkernel: backport an upstream PPPoE shutdown fix
2015-04-21 rmileckibcm53xx: sysupgrade: check if new kernel fits partition...
2015-04-21 rmileckibcm53xx: sysupgrade: improve NAND warnings
2015-04-21 rmileckibcm53xx: image: prepare for generating serial flash...
2015-04-21 rmileckibcm53xx: sysupgrade: drop some debugging message
2015-04-21 rmileckibcm53xx: sysupgrade: allow flashing NAND devices withou...
2015-04-21 rmileckibcm53xx: sysupgrade: support flashing TRX with UBI...
2015-04-21 rmileckibcm53xx: append only 1 block (with erasing mark) to UBI
2015-04-21 rmileckibcm53xx: always use 4 MiB for TRX kernel partition...
2015-04-21 cyrusodhcpd: minor fixes
2015-04-21 blogicar71xx: add TP-LINK TL-WR710N v2
2015-04-21 blogicipq806x: add db149 support to OpenWrt init scripts
2015-04-21 blogicipq806x: add db149 dts files
2015-04-21 blogicipq806x: enable AT803x driver
2015-04-21 blogickernel: remove module checks for 3.15/3.16/3.17
2015-04-21 blogickernel: remove usb-serial-motorola-phone
2015-04-21 blogicwpan: remove duplicate DEPENDS
2015-04-21 blogickernel: add bluetooth symbols from Kernel 4.0
2015-04-21 blogickernel: fix generic/3.18 wpan symbols
2015-04-21 blogicwpan: rework bluetooth / wpan and 6lowpan dependencies
2015-04-20 lukaar71xx: refresh patches
2015-04-20 lukaar71xx: add support for compex wpj344
2015-04-20 cyrusnettle: bump to 3.1
2015-04-20 nbdbinutils/oprofile: disable mips16 to fix build errors...
2015-04-20 nbdar71xx: Increase RXD/RDV to 2 on OM5P-AN
2015-04-20 nbdar71xx: add a helper function to set RXDV/RXD of ETH_CF...
2015-04-20 nbdar71xx: add mask and shift for RXD/RDV bits in AR934X...
2015-04-20 nbdar71xx: Remove TX/RX delay from pll_1000 for OM5P-AN
2015-04-20 nbdmac80211: fallback to wpa_supplicant to setup encrypted...
2015-04-20 nbdhostapd/netifd: encrypted mesh with wpa_supplicant
2015-04-20 jowtools: drop unused genext2fs
2015-04-20 jowall: replace genext2fs with make_ext4fs
2015-04-20 remove obsolete ip_nat_ftp related line
2015-04-20 move IRC conntrack/nat helpers to kmod...
2015-04-20 cyrusodhcp6c: fix SOL_MAX_RT to match RFC 3315
2015-04-20 cyrusnftables: bump version
2015-04-20 cyrusiproute2: update to v4.0.0
2015-04-19 nbdRevert "ar71xx/image: move TPLINK-LZMA image to new...
2015-04-19 nbdlibnl-tiny: link library with -Bsymbolic-functions
2015-04-19 nbdlua: link library with -Bsymbolic-functions
2015-04-19 enable -Bsymbolic-functions by default for...
2015-04-19 nbdramips: switch WSR-1166 and WSR-600 to single-firmware...
2015-04-19 jogokernel: refresh generic patches
2015-04-19 jogobrcm63xx: fix bcm63268 rgmii port rgmii configuration
2015-04-19 jogobrcm63xx: allow using all four rgmii ports on bcm6316x
2015-04-19 nbdnetifd: update to the latest version, fixes more interf...
2015-04-18 jogobrcm63xx: BCM963268BU_P300 reference board fixes