2015-11-01 lukakirkwood: add initial support for NSA310s
2015-11-01 lukageneric: 3.18: refresh patches
2015-10-31 lukauboot-envtools: update to 2015.10
2015-10-31 nbdtools/cmake: update to 3.3.2
2015-10-31 nbdmalta: make eth0 the wan interface by default
2015-10-31 nbdmalta: use as a default type device
2015-10-31 nbdmalta: set CPU_TYPE:=24kc.
2015-10-31 add optimization flags for MIPS 24Kc.
2015-10-31 nbdgeneric: fix unrecognized opcode wsbh when building...
2015-10-31 nbdar71xx/image: remove old unused build code for TPLINK
2015-10-31 nbdar71xx/image: remove old unused build code for TPLINKOLD
2015-10-31 nbdar71xx/image: migrate tl-wr841nd-v1.5 to new build...
2015-10-31 nbdar71xx/image: remove old unused build step TPLINK-64K
2015-10-31 nbdar71xx/image: migrate tl-wdr6500-v2 to new image build...
2015-10-31 nbdar71xx/image: refactor templates tplink-chn-v2
2015-10-31 nbdar71xx/image: introduce TPLINK_HEADER_VERSION variable...
2015-10-31 nbdoxnas: image: Remove custom mkfs targz override as...
2015-10-31 nbdkirkwood: image: Remove custom mkfs targz override...
2015-10-31 nbdimx6: image: Remove custom mkfs targz override as base...
2015-10-31 nbdinclude/ Use PROFILE_SANITIZED in targz image...
2015-10-31 nbdoxnas: image: Refactor sanitize_profile_name using...
2015-10-31 nbdkirkwood: image: Refactor sanitize_profile_name using...
2015-10-31 nbdimx6: image: Refactor sanitize_profile_name using PROFI...
2015-10-31 nbdinclude/ Introduce sanitized profile variable
2015-10-30 nbdramips: fix for kernel 4.0 napi repoll need return...
2015-10-30 nbdx86/generic: enable radeon drm driver
2015-10-30 nbdx86/generic: enable pata_atiixp driver
2015-10-30 nbdx86/generic: refresh subtarget kernel config
2015-10-30 nbdkernel: add some missing symbols for 4.3
2015-10-30 nbdrealview: Create ext4 image by default
2015-10-30 nbdtools/pkg-config: update to 0.29
2015-10-30 nbdtools/quilt: update to 0.64
2015-10-30 nbdtools/xz: update to 5.2.2
2015-10-30 nbdmac80211: update regulatory database to master-2015...
2015-10-30 nbdbuild: make mkfs-* depend on kernel installation to...
2015-10-30 nbdath10k-firmware: add qca99x0 firmware
2015-10-30 nbdath10k: split out ath10k firmware into a separate sourc...
2015-10-30 nbdlinux-firmware: minor makefile cleanup
2015-10-30 nbdsamba: convert init script to procd, add reload support
2015-10-30 nbdiproute2: fix compile with uClibc-ng
2015-10-30 nbdbuild: Allow kernel modules to set build ID debug symbol
2015-10-30 nbdbusybox: fix non-portable invocation of mktemp
2015-10-30 nbdbusybox: update to version 1.24.1
2015-10-30 nbdmac80211: add pending ath9k/ath10k patches
2015-10-30 nbdmac80211: update to wireless-testing 2015-10-26
2015-10-30 nbdrelayd: update to the latest version, fixes some issues...
2015-10-30 nbdkernel: backport some bcma header file definitions...
2015-10-30 nbdkernel: add missing config symbol
2015-10-30 rmileckibcm53xx: add missing Netgear R8000 LEDs
2015-10-30 rmileckibcm53xx: add workaround for Netgear R8000 network
2015-10-29 cyrustarget: remove nathelpers from default images (legacy)
2015-10-29 kalozmwlwifi: upgrade to
2015-10-26 jowtools: quilt: fix perl interpreter line (#20802)
2015-10-26 blogicmodules: crypto-rng changes additions for kernel 4.3
2015-10-26 blogickernel: add support for KERNEL_CGROUP_PIDS
2015-10-26 blogicmodules: package VIA AC97 modules
2015-10-26 blogicmodules: enable crypto hardware modules
2015-10-26 blogicgeneric: fix adm6996 init
2015-10-26 blogicuClibc: enable xattr support to make feature sets of...
2015-10-26 blogickernel: Fix environment pointer setup in ar71xx/ath79
2015-10-26 blogicprocd: update to latest git
2015-10-26 blogiclibpcap: USB support by default if usbmon is enabled
2015-10-26 blogicomcproxy: fix PKG_LICENSE string
2015-10-26 blogicar71xx: add support for TP-LINK TL-WR841N/ND v10
2015-10-26 blogicar71xx: fix ath79_soc_rev value for QCA9531 ver. 2
2015-10-26 blogicar71xx: Bitmain Antminer S1/S3 set GPIO for USB Power
2015-10-26 blogicbrcm2708: copy overlays README to boot partition
2015-10-26 blogicbrcm2708: update modules
2015-10-26 blogicbrcm2708: update 4.1 patches
2015-10-26 blogicbrcm2708-gpu-fw: update to latest version
2015-10-26 blogicramips: make the alsa driver register the codec
2015-10-26 blogicrb532: prepare switch to 4.1
2015-10-25 haukelantiq: add clk_round_rate()
2015-10-25 haukebcm53xx: add clk tree driver
2015-10-25 haukekernel: update kernel 4.1 to version 4.1.11
2015-10-25 haukebcm53xx: add support basic for kernel 4.3
2015-10-25 haukekernel: update kernel 4.3 to version 4.3-rc7
2015-10-23 haukebcm53xx: add missing patch from r47248 for USB 3.0
2015-10-23 haukebcm53xx: update USB 3.0 driver with version submitted...
2015-10-23 haukebcm53xx: use Broadcom's proposed SMP implementation
2015-10-23 haukebcm53xx: Add BCM SVK DT files
2015-10-22 cyrusbzip2: extend/fix the Host/Install rule to install...
2015-10-22 floriantools: scons: Add alternate download URL
2015-10-20 blogicuhttpd: update to latest git HEAD
2015-10-20 blogicramips: gpio-mt7621 was not handling irqs above 31...
2015-10-20 jowkernel: force CONFIG_BT_HCIUART_ATH3K to y
2015-10-19 blogicar71xx: Send power to USB port on WNR2200
2015-10-19 blogicar71xx: Add Gainstrong MiniBox v1.0 support to trunk
2015-10-19 blogickernel: add usb-mass-storage-gadget driver package
2015-10-19 blogickernel: add mvsw61xx module package
2015-10-19 blogickernel: add ath3k module package
2015-10-19 blogicfirmware: linux-firmware: Add ibt-firmware and ar3k...
2015-10-19 blogicar71xx: Bitmain Antminer S1 & S3 cleanup
2015-10-19 blogicgeneric: add 8139cp fixes, enable hardware csum/tso...
2015-10-19 blogicbase-files: create /var/tmp on boot
2015-10-19 blogicoxnas: move gmac soc glue from mach to stmmac driver
2015-10-19 blogicoxnas: prepare pinctrl for kernel >=4.2
2015-10-19 blogicoxnas: prepare irqchip driver for kernel >=4.2
2015-10-19 blogicoxnas: fix duplicate include in clk-oxnas
2015-10-19 blogicoxnas: remove obsolete __cpuinit