2015-01-18 lukauboot-envtools: fix Linksys EA3500 env size
2015-01-18 lukakirkwood: enable switch on Linksys EA3500
2015-01-18 wigyoripackages: update uboot-sunxi to 2015.01
2015-01-18 wigyorikernel: add missing config symbol for 3.18
2015-01-18 blogicmac80211: add throughput trigger to ath10k
2015-01-18 blogiclantiq: DGN3500 cleanups
2015-01-18 blogiclantiq: Restore call to orphaned etop function
2015-01-18 blogickernel: preserve bootloader command line on MIPS
2015-01-18 blogiclantiq: Fix initscript issue
2015-01-18 nbdramips: downgrade mt7621 "Spurious GIC Interrupt" to...
2015-01-18 nbdramips: add mt7621 cpu feature overrides
2015-01-18 nbdkernel: add missing config symbol
2015-01-18 nbdramips: refresh kernel patches
2015-01-18 nbdkernel: backport upstream commit to fix MIPS cache...
2015-01-18 nbdar8216: display flow control info in swconfig get_link...
2015-01-18 nbdar8216: add 802.3az EEE info to swconfig get_link attribute
2015-01-18 nbdar8216: introduce enable_eee swconfig attribute to...
2015-01-18 nbdigmpproxy: add patch to silence unnecessary logging...
2015-01-18 nbdbuild: explicitly unexport CONFIG_SITE
2015-01-18 nbdbuild: allow changing kernel name in new image code
2015-01-17 nbdramips: add missing copyright info for relocate stub
2015-01-17 nbdramips: add preliminary support for DIR-860L B1
2015-01-17 nbdbuild: allow passing parameters to padjffs2 via the...
2015-01-17 nbdramips: add code for relocating a kernel to the right...
2015-01-17 nbdramips: enable the seama mtdsplit parser
2015-01-17 nbdbuild: add image makefile helper function for pading...
2015-01-17 blogicbrcm2708: missing symbols caused a build fail
2015-01-17 nbdramips: register mt76 device tree info for WSR-1166DHP
2015-01-17 nbdramips: register mt7621 pcie through device tree
2015-01-17 blogicralink: sync mt7621 pcie driver with latest SDK
2015-01-17 blogictarget: kirkwood: fix leds defaults config
2015-01-17 blogicdnsmasq: add option --quiet-dhcp
2015-01-17 blogicSupport for building an hardened OpenWRT
2015-01-17 blogicar8216: introduce ar8xxx_reg_clear complementing ar8xxx...
2015-01-17 blogicar8216: replace ar8xxx_rmw with ar8xxx_reg_set where...
2015-01-17 blogicar8216: define all switch_addr structs as const
2015-01-17 blogicramips: add support for Intenso Memory 2 Move USB 3.0
2015-01-17 blogicbase-files: Add ucidef_set_led_timer to
2015-01-17 blogicmodules: Add kmod-w1-slave-ds2413
2015-01-17 blogictoolchain: Add libatomic when using external toolchain
2015-01-17 blogiccurl: allow enabling https protocol
2015-01-17 nbdadd iperf3, a new and smaller version of iperf
2015-01-17 nbdramips: fix tx bql related race condition in the ethern...
2015-01-17 blogicadd pkgconfig information for popt library
2015-01-17 cyrusiproute2: add package for bridge program
2015-01-17 cyrusiproute2: fix header problem for musl
2015-01-17 cyrusiproute2: bump version to 3.18.0
2015-01-17 blogicralink: add support for Kingston MLWG2
2015-01-17 blogickernel: add references to openwrt alternative button...
2015-01-17 blogicRemove old P2812HNUFX dts
2015-01-17 blogicAdd profile and userspace for P2812HNUF1/3, switch...
2015-01-17 blogiclantiq: Add device tree for P2812HNUF1 and P2812HNUF3
2015-01-17 blogicramips: add i2c pingroup to the pinmux for rt-n14u
2015-01-17 blogicramips: fix default led configuration for rt-n14u
2015-01-17 blogicar71xx: fix board detection for TP-LINK TL-WA860RE
2015-01-16 jowdnsmasq: support and use local-service by default ...
2015-01-16 rmileckibcm53xx: drop hacky patch making bcma init later
2015-01-16 rmileckiconfig: enable EARLY_PRINTK on bcm53xx by default
2015-01-16 rmileckibrcm47xx: backport BCM47XX arch patches (clean NVRAM...
2015-01-16 kalozmvebu: fixups for the new driver
2015-01-15 nbdmusl: update to version 1.1.6
2015-01-15 cyrusopenssl: update to 1.0.1l *sigh*
2015-01-15 kalozmvebu: add the new tlc59116 driver and migrate the...
2015-01-15 nbdar71xx: fix disable_irq() on chained irq handlers
2015-01-15 nbdkernel: fix disable_irq() on MIPS CPU IRQs
2015-01-14 rmileckibcm53xx: support all RAM on devices with more than...
2015-01-14 nbdath9k: fix irq storm issues (#18483)
2015-01-14 kalozmalta: copy initramfs images
2015-01-14 kalozmvebu: Switch to the generic mkuimage macro
2015-01-14 kalozmvebu: Replace the padjffs2 call by the generic definition
2015-01-14 lukamdns: install uci package as config
2015-01-14 kaloznetfilter: handle NFT_MASQ_IPV6
2015-01-14 rmileckibcm53xx: enable earlyprintk on more devices
2015-01-14 rmileckibcm53xx: enable HIGHMEM to support more than 128 MiB...
2015-01-14 rmileckibcm53xx: refresh configs
2015-01-13 cyrusmap: export calculated ruleset to /tmp
2015-01-13 jowtools: libtool relocatable fixes
2015-01-13 jowtools: bootstrap libtool to pickup the correct in-tree...
2015-01-13 jowtools: bootstrap automake to pickup the correct in...
2015-01-13 jowtools: add dummy scripts for help2man and makeinfo
2015-01-13 jowtools: change automake depends to libtool depends
2015-01-13 jowtools: make libtool depend on automake, not vice versa
2015-01-13 nbdramips: add missing -Os cflag for mt7621
2015-01-13 nbdramips: use a larger number of rx descriptors on mt7621...
2015-01-13 nbdramips: remove interrupt coalescing, it is unnecessary...
2015-01-12 rmileckihostapd: backport patch fixing handling new stations
2015-01-12 kaloznetfilter: handle nft_masq and nft_masq_ipv4
2015-01-12 cyrusnftables: add missing patch
2015-01-12 cyrusnftables: bump again and disable building docs
2015-01-12 kalozpwm support can't be compiled as a module
2015-01-12 cyrusmap: ignore psid and psidlen if psidlen is 0
2015-01-12 kaloz[mvebu]: now that the driver knows it, use the 88e6172...
2015-01-12 cyrusnftables: bump to latest and enable debugging
2015-01-11 nicodosfstools: update to 3.0.26
2015-01-11 nicofuse: update to 2.9.3
2015-01-11 nicotarget/uml: add missing config symbols
2015-01-11 nbdmusl: merge changes from git, includes further getopt...
2015-01-11 lukamvsw61xx: track and set per-VLAN port state in STU
2015-01-11 lukamvsw61xx: clean up and expand register definitions
2015-01-11 lukamvsw61xx: rework chip recognition