ar71xx: Add QCA955X GPIO mux and function definitions
[openwrt.git] / tools /
2016-03-16 blogicar71xx: Add support for the OMYlink OMY-X1
2016-03-16 blogictools/flex: update to 2.6.1
2016-03-10 blogictools/cmake: fix compile on Alpine Linux
2016-03-10 blogictools/findutils: Update to 4.6.0
2016-03-10 blogicpkg-config: Update to 0.29.1
2016-03-10 blogicmm-macros: update to 0.9.10
2016-03-10 blogictools/flock: fix compile on Alpine Linux
2016-03-04 blogicramips: Add a tool to create JCG factory images
2016-03-03 blogicramips: Add a tool to create JCG factory images
2016-02-29 nbdfirmware-utils: mkfwimage: fix firmware_max_length...
2016-02-29 nbdar71xx, firmware-utils: split ubdev01 flash layout...
2016-02-29 nbdfirmware-utils: mkfwimage: add -Wall, fix obvious bugs...
2016-02-12 blogicar71xx: Added support for TL-WA801NDv3
2016-02-08 blogictools/gmp: update to 6.1.0
2016-02-08 blogictools/cmake: update to 3.4.3
2016-02-01 rmileckifirmware-utils: add oseama tool for creating Seama...
2016-01-28 nbdtools/mkimage: backport SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for reproduci...
2016-01-21 nbdflock: do not use ccache, fixes build error
2016-01-20 nbdtools: compile flock before everything else
2016-01-18 haukelantiq: add support for TP-Link VR200v
2016-01-10 nbdtools/cmake: update version to 3.4.1
2016-01-10 nbdmac80211: move b43legacy firmware to a separate package
2015-12-23 blogictools/e2fsprogs: remove outdated configure args
2015-12-23 blogicfirmware-utils: allow mkfwimage2 to use - in partition...
2015-12-11 nbdtools/squashfs4: refresh patches
2015-12-11 blogicfirmware-utils: fix various compiler warnings
2015-12-11 blogicmktplinkfw: add missing exceeding bytes info to logs
2015-12-11 blogictools/squashfs: refresh patches
2015-12-11 blogictools/squashfs: add argument -fixed-time to set all...
2015-12-11 blogicfirmware-utils mkmerakifw: firmware generator for MR18
2015-12-10 nbdtools/mm-macros: update to 0.9.9
2015-12-05 haukeupdate mtd-utils to 1.5.2
2015-12-02 jowtools: make-ext4fs: explicitely request C collation...
2015-11-21 blogictools/scons: update to 2.4.1
2015-11-21 blogictools/cmake: update to 3.4.0
2015-11-13 nbdtools: add isl (used for graphite on GCC 5)
2015-11-08 nbdtools/e2fsprogs: update to 1.42.13
2015-11-07 nbdtools/quilt: fix build error during kernel_menuconfig...
2015-11-06 nbdtools/mm-macros: update to 0.9.8
2015-11-06 nbdtools/scons: update to 2.4.0
2015-11-04 jogobrcm63xx: work around boot failures with squashfs on...
2015-11-03 nbdtools/bison: update to 3.0.4
2015-11-03 nbdtools/mpfr: update to 3.1.3
2015-11-03 nbdtools/mpc: update to 1.0.3
2015-10-31 nbdtools/cmake: update to 3.3.2
2015-10-30 nbdtools/pkg-config: update to 0.29
2015-10-30 nbdtools/quilt: update to 0.64
2015-10-30 nbdtools/xz: update to 5.2.2
2015-10-26 jowtools: quilt: fix perl interpreter line (#20802)
2015-10-22 floriantools: scons: Add alternate download URL
2015-10-19 blogicar71xx: Bitmain Antminer S1 & S3 cleanup
2015-10-19 blogictools/firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: add version...
2015-10-19 blogictools/firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: fix support...
2015-10-19 blogictools/firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: clean up code
2015-10-12 nbdfirmware-utils/buffalo-enc: explicitly use signed char...
2015-10-12 nbdfirmware-utils/buffalo-enc: add support for decrypting...
2015-10-11 hauketools: firmware-utils: fix compiler warnings
2015-10-11 blogicmtools: build and install mmd
2015-10-05 blogiclantiq: Add target TP-Link TD-W8980
2015-09-29 jowquilt: add further relocatability fixes
2015-09-26 nbdbison: replace the yacc script with one that does not...
2015-09-26 nbdtools/patch: enable parallel build
2015-09-21 wigyoritools: add sdimage for mxs
2015-09-21 nbdtools/mtd-utils: fix PKG_MIRROR_MD5SUM
2015-09-17 jowtools/mtd-utils: avoid linking libm statically
2015-09-14 jowtools/make-ext4fs: prefer static linking
2015-09-14 jowtools/mtd-utils: prefer static linking
2015-09-14 jowtools/xz: disable shared library
2015-09-11 nbdtools: add tar host build, required for --sort=name...
2015-08-17 blogictools/firmware-utils: add header version 2 support...
2015-08-15 hauketools: xz: update to version 5.2.1
2015-07-24 blogicfirmware-utils mktplinkfw: print amount of exceeding...
2015-07-24 blogicar71xx: add support for Onion Omega
2015-07-20 nbdtools: drop circular dependency between patch and ccach...
2015-07-19 nbdmkimage: cross compile fix: pass HOST_*FLAGS in to...
2015-07-15 nbdtools/e2fsprogs: add a darwin-compat patch
2015-07-14 nbdccache: Make ccache aware of OpenWRT provided GCC patch.
2015-07-10 nbdtools: add expat library (to be used by gdb)
2015-07-07 blogicar71xx: Add Support for the Bitmain Antminer S3
2015-07-04 haukescons: change md5sum to new release
2015-06-25 hauketools: scons: update to version 2.3.5
2015-06-23 lukaccache: upgrade to version 3.1.11
2015-06-18 blogicar71xx: add support for TL-WR720N-v4.
2015-06-18 blogicar71xx: Add Support for the Bitmain Antminer S1
2015-06-18 cyruslibtool: passthrough -fstack-protector* to linker
2015-06-14 nbdfirmware-tools/ptgen: use stdint types for struct pte
2015-06-14 nbdfirmware-tools/ptgen: fix endianness conversion for...
2015-06-06 haukebc: add download mirrors
2015-06-04 nbdgmp: disable assembly to fix build on systems that...
2015-06-03 blogictools/firmware-utils: Allow changing the CRC32 poly...
2015-05-27 rmileckifirmware-utils: asustrx: support setting firmware version
2015-05-27 rmileckifirmware-utils: asustrx: new tool for TRX format with...
2015-05-26 kaloztools/mtd-utils: upgrade to latest git
2015-05-22 floriantools: gengetopt: Disable doc and tests builds
2015-05-19 hauketools/mkimage: backport gcc5 compatibility, patch
2015-05-08 nbdmktplinkfw: add flag to ignore size limit (used for...
2015-05-08 kaloztools: host/include/getline.h: fix FreeBSD 8.0+ support
2015-05-04 kaloztools/pkg-config: fix compile on musl hosts
2015-05-04 kaloztools/autoconf: fix compile on musl hosts
2015-05-04 kaloztools/sed: fix compile on musl hosts