run metadata scanning only once when multiple targets are specified on the command...
[openwrt.git] / target /
2007-03-29 florianShould fix edimax generation
2007-03-28 florianFix the irq request
2007-03-28 florianFix warnings
2007-03-28 florianEnable kmod-sched for adm5120
2007-03-28 florianUse myloader parser in the adm5120 mtd driver. Do not...
2007-03-28 florianAdd myloader partition table parser
2007-03-27 nbdclean up nfsd kernel config entries (#1523)
2007-03-27 nbdadd nfs kernel server kmod package (patch from #1524)
2007-03-27 nbdfix flash buswidth detection
2007-03-27 ejkaar7: cpmac: use fixed-size ringbuffers for rx/tx descri...
2007-03-27 ejkaar7: speed up irq handlers, fix asm/ar7/ar7.h
2007-03-26 florianFix edimax image generation
2007-03-26 florianAlso forgot adding the adm5120_info file
2007-03-26 nbdfix the sdk
2007-03-26 florianDisable YAFFS and NAND by default
2007-03-26 florianMove the yaffs patch to be generic, shared between...
2007-03-26 florianForgot adding infos header
2007-03-26 florianRewrite of the bootloader runtime detection (Gabor...
2007-03-26 florianAdd myloader definitions
2007-03-26 florianPreserve fw_arg0-3 to allow runtime bootloader detectio...
2007-03-25 nbdadd fix from #1516
2007-03-25 ejkaar7: clocks setup (prerequisite for dsl/usb) and misc...
2007-03-24 florianUpdate kernel config
2007-03-24 florianForgot to define what CFE is
2007-03-24 florianTypo fix
2007-03-24 florianDo not register more than 2 ethernet porst for CFE...
2007-03-24 hcgAdded support for BSD pty's
2007-03-24 hcgAdded facility to program entire device from SD-Card
2007-03-23 nbdadd bcm94710a0 cache workarounds to brcm47xx-2.6 (fix...
2007-03-23 hcgFinal image build fixups
2007-03-23 nbdadd more stability fixes for brcm47xx-2.6 on bcm4704...
2007-03-22 florianAdd CFE runtime detection
2007-03-22 florianAdd firmware generation for other Compex boards based...
2007-03-22 nbdadd brcm47xx-2.6 fixes from #1496
2007-03-22 hcgAdded rule for objdump
2007-03-22 hcgThere are issues with the CRC calc stuff under x86_64...
2007-03-22 hcgNew program to generate u-boot parameter block with...
2007-03-22 ejkaar7 misc fixes:
2007-03-21 florianAlso add squashfs to the possible filesystems to be...
2007-03-21 florianRemove usb support for the moment
2007-03-21 florianbackward compatible code, if ssb is not enabled
2007-03-21 florianInclude profiles
2007-03-21 florianFix a typo
2007-03-21 florianEnable profiles for adm5120
2007-03-21 florianFix warnings and add more detailed informations
2007-03-21 florianAdd image generation for edimax routers
2007-03-20 hcgAdded primary and secondary bootloaders
2007-03-20 florianprom_free_prom_memory is useless
2007-03-20 florianUse the bcm947xx mtd driver instead
2007-03-20 nicouml now needs init=/etc/preinit, fix example in README
2007-03-20 nicoattempt to fix uml kernel config for i386
2007-03-19 florianRe-enable adm5120 mtd driver
2007-03-19 florianRemove 8250 serial driver, enable software watchdog
2007-03-19 florianCFE-ready mtd driver, needs fixing though, update kerne...
2007-03-19 florianFix the baudrate macro
2007-03-19 florianFix the uart patch
2007-03-19 florianPreliminary ADM5120 support, marked as broken
2007-03-19 ejkaRemove initrd code leftovers. Also fixes "Bad page...
2007-03-18 ejkaAdd forgotten part of vlynq irq setup
2007-03-18 ejkaar7-2.4 cleanup
2007-03-18 ejkaAdd ar7-2.6 port (marked as broken for now).
2007-03-18 ejkaMake lzma-loader sdram mapping configurable (#1169)
2007-03-17 hcgChanged pin selections in low-level mmc driver
2007-03-16 hcgChanged kernel configs to enable more packages. Added...
2007-03-16 florianFix compilation errors with xt_portscan
2007-03-16 florianFix the serial driver with the devfs removal
2007-03-16 nbdadd final fix for brcm47xx-2.6 memory corruption (patch...
2007-03-16 nbdAdd an 'Image Configuration' menu to menuconfig
2007-03-15 nbdenable ext2 by default for rb532 (fixes #1466)
2007-03-15 nbdbrcm47xx: add a few nops to keep the cpu happy
2007-03-14 nbdfix up remaining parts for the brcm47xx-2.6 port (teste...
2007-03-14 nbdadd reboot fix from #1312
2007-03-12 nbdremove screwy network config override from x86-2.6...
2007-03-11 kalozadd preliminary IOP32x support, mark it broken for now
2007-03-11 nbdoops... forgot to make x86-2.6 ext2 images use preinit...
2007-03-10 hcgAdded MMC/SD Card module support
2007-03-09 mbmmore devfs related bugs
2007-03-09 nbdfix up the netconfig script after the devfs=>hotplug2...
2007-03-07 pavlovsplit out scsi module support and add ata piix support
2007-03-07 hcgAdded GPIO driver
2007-03-06 malbonFix config, set directory block to -1 for redboot.
2007-03-06 hcgAdd support for LED drivers (clock tick and CPU activity)
2007-03-06 nbdadd vga console support for x86-2.6 images (fixes ...
2007-03-05 hcgModified partition table to support jffs2
2007-03-05 hcgChaged kernel config so default builds cleanly
2007-03-05 kalozfix squashfs for ixp4xx
2007-03-05 nbdadd missing init=/etc/preinit cmdline parameter
2007-03-05 nbdadd squashfs support for ixp4xx
2007-03-04 nbdmore hotplug2/mdev/devfs related fixups, this time...
2007-03-04 nbdfix a compile error caused by the devfs removal
2007-03-04 nbdenable ne2k-pci by default
2007-03-04 kalozgit-svn-id: svn://
2007-03-04 nbdreorder target profiles
2007-03-04 nbdnuke mdev and replace it with hotplug2 :)
2007-03-04 hcgAdded initial support for at91 plaform (HCG)
2007-03-03 kalozupgrade the ixp4xx ethernet driver to v0.3.1, split...
2007-03-03 nbdfix mdev for broadcom 2.6
2007-03-03 nbdenable preinit for magicbox
2007-03-03 nbdenable preinit in a few other platforms
2007-03-03 nbdadd failsafe support for x86-2.6 and fix mdev support...