kernel: implement RENAME_EXCHANGE support for jffs2 - overlayfs requires it
[openwrt.git] / target /
2015-04-25 nbdkernel: implement RENAME_EXCHANGE support for jffs2...
2015-04-24 rmileckibcm53xx: sort ports from NVRAM entries before matching...
2015-04-23 floriannetlogic: copy initramfs image to $(BIN_DIR)
2015-04-23 rmileckikernel: backport rest of bgmac patches to 4.0
2015-04-23 rmileckikernel: backport few bgmac patches to 4.0
2015-04-23 rmileckibrcm47xx: add patches for kernel 4.0
2015-04-22 kalozgeneric/4.0: bump to final version
2015-04-21 jogobrcm63xx: fix leds bcm963269bhr
2015-04-21 jogobrcm63xx: add missing bcm96329bhr profile and dts
2015-04-21 blogicralink: the systick clocksource was calculating a bad...
2015-04-21 blogicAdd support for Ubiquiti Rocket M XW devices
2015-04-21 blogicar71xx: spi cleanup for ap121, db120, ubnt-xm and ap136
2015-04-21 blogicar71xx: merge ap81 patches into one
2015-04-21 nbdkernel: backport an upstream PPPoE shutdown fix
2015-04-21 rmileckibcm53xx: sysupgrade: check if new kernel fits partition...
2015-04-21 rmileckibcm53xx: sysupgrade: improve NAND warnings
2015-04-21 rmileckibcm53xx: image: prepare for generating serial flash...
2015-04-21 rmileckibcm53xx: sysupgrade: drop some debugging message
2015-04-21 rmileckibcm53xx: sysupgrade: allow flashing NAND devices withou...
2015-04-21 rmileckibcm53xx: sysupgrade: support flashing TRX with UBI...
2015-04-21 rmileckibcm53xx: append only 1 block (with erasing mark) to UBI
2015-04-21 rmileckibcm53xx: always use 4 MiB for TRX kernel partition...
2015-04-21 blogicar71xx: add TP-LINK TL-WR710N v2
2015-04-21 blogicipq806x: add db149 support to OpenWrt init scripts
2015-04-21 blogicipq806x: add db149 dts files
2015-04-21 blogicipq806x: enable AT803x driver
2015-04-21 blogickernel: fix generic/3.18 wpan symbols
2015-04-20 lukaar71xx: refresh patches
2015-04-20 lukaar71xx: add support for compex wpj344
2015-04-20 nbdar71xx: Increase RXD/RDV to 2 on OM5P-AN
2015-04-20 nbdar71xx: add a helper function to set RXDV/RXD of ETH_CF...
2015-04-20 nbdar71xx: add mask and shift for RXD/RDV bits in AR934X...
2015-04-20 nbdar71xx: Remove TX/RX delay from pll_1000 for OM5P-AN
2015-04-20 jowall: replace genext2fs with make_ext4fs
2015-04-19 nbdRevert "ar71xx/image: move TPLINK-LZMA image to new...
2015-04-19 nbdramips: switch WSR-1166 and WSR-600 to single-firmware...
2015-04-19 jogokernel: refresh generic patches
2015-04-19 jogobrcm63xx: fix bcm63268 rgmii port rgmii configuration
2015-04-19 jogobrcm63xx: allow using all four rgmii ports on bcm6316x
2015-04-18 jogobrcm63xx: BCM963268BU_P300 reference board fixes
2015-04-18 blogicar71xx/image: remove duplicated rootfs in new tplink...
2015-04-18 blogicar71xx/image: move TPLINK-LZMA image to new build code
2015-04-18 blogicar71xx/image: add template tplink-16mlzma
2015-04-18 blogicar71xx/image: fix imagesize of template tplink-8mlzma
2015-04-18 jogobrcm63xx: fix bcm96318ref_p300 profile name
2015-04-17 nbdbcm53xx: add profiling support
2015-04-17 lukaimx6: put uboot-envtools in DEFAULT_PACKAGES
2015-04-17 lukakirkwood: put uboot-envtools in DEFAULT_PACKAGES
2015-04-17 rmileckibrcm47xx: add buttons support for WRT310N v2
2015-04-17 rmileckibcm53xx: fix handling absolute paths in sysupgrade...
2015-04-17 rmileckibrcm47xx: fix handling absolute paths in sysupgrade...
2015-04-16 rmileckibrcm47xx: rework vendor fw handling to don't duplicate...
2015-04-16 rmileckibrcm47xx: explicitly select CPU_MIPS32_R2 and CPU_MIPSR...
2015-04-16 nbdkernel: accidentally committed a few patches in the...
2015-04-16 nbdbcm53xx: add power button for WXR-1900DHP
2015-04-16 nbdbcm53xx: add power button for Buffalo WZR-1750DHP
2015-04-16 nbdbcm53xx: add USB LED for Buffalo WZR-1750DHP
2015-04-16 nbdbcm53xx: make NAND flash timeouts non-interruptible...
2015-04-16 nbdbcm53xx: increate trx maxlen to prevent build failures...
2015-04-16 nbdbcm53xx: fix WXR-1900DHP power led name and add usb led
2015-04-16 lukamvebu: better integrate xp-gp
2015-04-16 nbdbcm53xx: make use of the new board detection layer
2015-04-16 kalozmvebu: add support for the Linksys Caiman and Cobra
2015-04-16 lukamvebu: bring back CONFIG_CPU_THERMAL
2015-04-16 lukamvebu: refresh kernel config
2015-04-15 lukamvebu: fix typo in marvell profile
2015-04-15 lukamvebu: better integrate 385-ap-db
2015-04-15 nbdbcm53xx: add USB 2.0 power control for WXR-1900DHP
2015-04-15 nbdbcm53xx: add USB 2.0 support
2015-04-14 rmileckibcm53xx: add (disabled) support for upgrading kernel...
2015-04-14 rmileckiotrx: change command line API to start with a mode
2015-04-14 blogicar71xx: Enable AT803X_PHY to set special flags
2015-04-14 blogicar71xx: fix ethernet packet loss issues on OM5P-AN
2015-04-14 nbdkernel: update bgmac patches to the latest version...
2015-04-13 nbdbcm53xx: refresh kernel patches
2015-04-13 nbdkernel: finally remove layer7 filter support
2015-04-13 nbdkernel: fix more bgmac dma init/cleanup issues
2015-04-13 kalozmvebu: copy the initramfs files to the bin dir
2015-04-13 nbdkernel: sync bgmac changes with latest upstream submission
2015-04-13 nbdbcm53xx: add support for the Buffalo WXR-1900DHP
2015-04-13 nbdbcm53xx: fix GPIO pins > 16
2015-04-13 nbdkernel: add bgmac fixes for bcm53xx (fix ethernet bring...
2015-04-13 nbdbcm53xx: add missing l2 cache controller AUXCTL bit
2015-04-13 kalozmvebu: add support for the in-CPU RTC on the Armada 38x
2015-04-13 kalozmvebu: add comments to image generation
2015-04-13 kalozmvebu: stop legacy image generation
2015-04-13 kalozmvebu: generate a single firmware for the 385-db-ap
2015-04-13 kalozmvebu: reflect Armada 38x support in the name
2015-04-12 nbdbcm53xx: add a comment about the gpio base patch
2015-04-12 nbdkernel: bgmac: add more DMA related fixes
2015-04-12 kalozppc40x: upgrade to 3.18
2015-04-12 kalozorion: upgrade to 3.18 (compile tested only)
2015-04-12 rmileckibcm53xx: try to handle Netgear R8000 VLANs config
2015-04-12 rmileckib53: improve overriding CPU port state on BCM5301X
2015-04-12 kalozmvebu: refresh patches
2015-04-12 kalozmvebu: migrate mamba support to the upstreamed code
2015-04-12 nbdbcm53xx: fix bcma gpio chip base
2015-04-12 nbdkernel: add missing memory barrier to bgmac
2015-04-12 kalozmvebu: handle other SKUs as well
2015-04-12 kalozmvebu: include the ahci driver in the default profile