ramips: select kmod-rt2800-soc by default (if available)
[openwrt.git] / target / linux / ramips / image /
2013-10-30 juhosgramips: enable building of TEW-692GR images
2013-10-28 blogicralink: add support for 2 new mt7620 boards made by...
2013-10-08 blogicralink: add support for the mt7530 eval board
2013-10-07 blogicralink: fix asiarf image generation
2013-10-07 blogicralink: build recovery images for dcs930 ip cam
2013-09-30 blogicralink: Change size of image for DIR-320 B1 to 8MB
2013-09-19 blogicralink: add support for dalink dcs930l ipcam
2013-09-18 blogicralink: DIR-300 B7 and DIR-320/NRU B1 on Ralink RT5350
2013-08-23 juhosgramips: use correct image size parameter for DIR-610 A1
2013-08-23 juhosgramips: use correct parameters in the Seama template
2013-08-14 blogicramips: DIR-610-A1 Support
2013-08-14 blogicramips: add support for dir810l and asus rp-n53
2013-08-05 juhosgramips: allow to build Seama firmware images with arbit...
2013-08-01 blogicramips: add Poray IP2202 support
2013-08-01 blogicramips: add Poray X8 support
2013-08-01 blogicramips: add Poray X5/X6 Support
2013-08-01 blogicramips: add Poray M4 4M/8M support
2013-08-01 blogicramips: add Poray M3 support
2013-08-01 blogicramips: add basics for Poray devices
2013-08-01 blogicralink: add mt7620a_mt7610e profile
2013-07-27 blogicramips: add MPR-A1 support
2013-07-25 blogicramips: disable hg255d
2013-07-25 blogicramipe: disable HG255D support
2013-07-25 blogicramips: important patch for HG255D
2013-07-24 blogicramips: Basic support for the AsiaRF RT5350 based AWM00...
2013-07-22 blogicramips: Add support for Huawei HG255D in trunk
2013-06-29 blogicramips: unbreak initramfs generation
2013-06-27 floriantargets: prepare for supporting normal and initramfs...
2013-06-23 blogicralink: update patches
2013-06-10 blogicramips: add HAME MPR-A2 support
2013-06-10 blogicramips: add support for belkin F7C027 wemo/homeautomati...
2013-05-06 blogicramips: unbreak rt2880 support
2013-04-25 blogicramips: introduce DTS for ALL5003
2013-04-25 blogicramips: Add Alpha ASL-26555 support.
2013-04-25 blogicramips: Add support of D-link DIR-620D1
2013-04-17 blogic[ramips] fix prepare_generic_squashfs
2013-04-12 blogic[ramips] fix RT-N15 support
2013-04-09 blogic[ramips] Add Netgear WNCE2001 (OF version)
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] add profile for tenda w150m board
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] Build WW factory image for DAP-1350
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] add Huawei D105
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] add profile for the Edimax 3g-6200NL board
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] add new image/Makefile
2013-03-11 juhosgramips: add profile and build image for the Upvel UR...
2013-02-25 juhosgramips: image: don't break make process if mkimage...
2013-02-21 jogoramips: print image build warnings/errors to stderr
2013-02-02 juhosgramips: build image for the Omnima EMB HPM board
2013-01-19 juhosgramips: add profile and build image for the Tenda 3G300M
2013-01-19 juhosgramips: use MkImage for Hauppauge Broadway, Netcore...
2013-01-19 juhosgramips: allow to override image name/suffix in GENERIC_...
2013-01-19 juhosgramips: do not stop the build if some targets fail
2013-01-06 blogic[ramips] adds support for Edimax BR-6524N
2012-12-29 juhosgramips: build firmware image for the Planex MZK-W300NH2...
2012-12-29 juhosgramips: build image for Airlive AIR3GII
2012-12-10 blogic[ramips] add support for Hauppauge Broadway
2012-12-02 juhosgramips: fix serial console for Belkin F5D8235 v1/v2
2012-11-29 juhosgramips: rt305x: add profile and build image for the...
2012-11-12 blogic[ramips] previous commit pushed 1 file too many ;)
2012-11-12 blogic[ramips] move ethernet hw init to init/uninit functions
2012-10-18 juhosgramips: add profile and build image for the TEW-691GR...
2012-10-18 juhosgramips: add profile and build image for the TEW-692GR...
2012-10-18 juhosgramips: add profile and build image for the DIR-645...
2012-10-04 juhosgramips: add image for ALL0256N-8M
2012-08-29 juhosgramips: Add support for 8devices Carambola dev board.
2012-08-22 juhosgramips: fix board parameter for the NBG-419N (#12061)
2012-08-17 juhosgramips: add board alias for the ALL0239-3G
2012-08-17 juhosgramips: add support for D-Link DIR-615 H1
2012-08-12 juhosgramips: provide means to specify custom "image name...
2012-08-12 juhosgramips: add D-Link DIR-620 A1 support
2012-07-24 blogic[ramips] D-Link DAP-1350 initial support
2012-07-24 blogic[ramips] add image build for ALL5002
2012-07-12 juhosgramips: rt305x: add support for Edimax 3G-6200N
2012-06-19 juhosgramips: rt305x: add support for the Petatel PSR-680W...
2012-05-02 juhosgramips: W306R V2.0 - GPIO and Network fixes
2012-05-02 juhosgramips: Make serial console for DIR-300-B1 work again
2012-04-29 juhosgramips: rt305x: extract wifi eeprom and use the 8M...
2012-04-23 juhosgramips: rt305x: add support for the UR-336UN board
2012-04-23 juhosgramips: rt305x: add support for the Asus WL-330N3G...
2012-04-21 juhosgramips: rt3883: add profile and build sysupgrade image...
2012-04-21 juhosgramips: build initramfs image for the Fonera 2.0N
2012-04-21 juhosgramips: rt305x: add initial support for Tenda W306R...
2012-03-29 jowramips: add support for the ARC FreeStation5 board...
2012-03-27 juhosgramips: rt305x: build image for the DIR-615 rev D boards
2012-03-27 juhosgramips: rt305x: add add support for the Asus WL-330N...
2012-03-11 juhosgramips: build initramfs image for DIR-{3,6}00 boards
2012-03-04 juhosgramips: add support for unbranded XDX-RN502J board
2012-03-04 juhosgramips: board support for Asus RT-N10+
2012-02-24 juhosgramips: fix FONERA20N image generation
2012-02-23 juhosgramips: image: increase minimum kernel partition size...
2012-02-23 juhosgramips: image: cleanup and sort templates/profiles
2012-02-23 juhosgramips: image: use GENERIC_4M template for the ALL0256N...
2012-02-23 juhosgramips: image: introduce mkmtd/{,phys,spi} helpers
2012-02-23 juhosgramips: image: pass mtdlayout variables by value
2012-02-23 juhosgramips: image: merge F5D8235V{1,2} templates
2012-02-23 juhosgramips: image: use generic template for the WR6202...
2012-02-23 juhosgramips: image: introduce mkcmdline helper
2012-02-23 juhosgramips: image: use the GENERIC_4M template for the...
2012-02-23 juhosgramips: image: simplify Makefile a bit
2012-02-23 juhosgramips: image: add MkImageLzma wrapper
2012-02-23 juhosgramips: image: allow to build board specific initramfs...