ralink: dts fixes
[openwrt.git] / target / linux / ramips / dts / DIR-300-B1.dts
2013-11-26 blogicralink: dts fixes
2013-11-25 blogicralink: set the mac addr via the dts file
2013-09-17 blogicralink: add pinctrl driver
2013-04-09 blogic[ramips] move memory detect node to dtsi files
2013-04-09 blogic[ramips] remove bootargs from dts
2013-04-09 blogic[ramips] add ofpart info to the devicetrees
2013-04-07 juhosgramips: remove top-level {address,size}-cells propertie...
2013-04-06 blogic[ramips] fix typo pinmmux -> pinmux
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] add the dts files that describe the boards...