rpcd: iwinfo plugin fixes
[openwrt.git] / target / linux / oxnas / files / arch / arm /
2016-04-24 lukaoxnas: add missing semicolon
2016-04-19 haukeoxnas: add support for Akitio MyCloud mini
2016-03-20 blogicoxnas: sync cpu-hotplug with mach-realview
2016-03-20 blogicoxnas: also reset GPIO B registers on boot
2016-01-18 nbdoxnas: prepare platform and drivers for Linux 4.4
2015-10-19 blogicoxnas: move gmac soc glue from mach to stmmac driver
2015-10-19 blogicoxnas: remove obsolete __cpuinit
2014-12-13 blogicoxnas: fix gpio-fan on kd20
2014-12-13 blogicoxnas: also make use of the GPIO poweroff driver
2014-12-12 blogicoxnas: use libata ledtrig support for kd20 hdd leds
2014-12-10 blogicoxnas: add support for 2nd S-ATA port to sata_oxnas...
2014-12-02 blogicoxnas/kd20: use gpio-beeper
2014-12-01 blogicoxnas: ehci: rename vendor prefix plxtch to plxtech
2014-11-26 blogicadd new target 'oxnas'