lantiq: use dwc2 by default on all ar9 boards
[openwrt.git] / target / linux / lantiq /
2016-04-26 blogiclantiq: use dwc2 by default on all ar9 boards
2016-04-26 blogiclantiq: install uboot-envtools by default on BTHOMEHUBV3A
2016-04-26 blogiclantiq: remove read-only flag on two partitions on...
2016-04-26 blogiclantiq: Fix typo in LED diag script.
2016-04-26 blogiclantiq: use new image build process for brnImages
2016-04-26 blogiclantiq: remove orphaned tp-link image build steps
2016-04-26 blogiclantiq: build sysupgrade images for lantiqImage
2016-04-26 blogiclantiq: new image build process - fix kernel entry...
2016-04-21 blogiclantiq: use new image build process for some images
2016-04-16 haukekernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.7
2016-04-09 blogiclantiq-dsl: add missing blank in dsl output
2016-04-09 blogiclantiq-dsl: bugfix latency values swapped for lucistat
2016-04-09 blogiclantiq-dsl: bugfix db negative sign after comma
2016-03-21 juhosglantiq: lzma-loader: fix O32 ABI conformance
2016-03-20 blogiclantiq: use upstream mechanism to append device tree...
2016-03-07 nbdlantiq: print profile name in dsl lucistat
2016-03-07 nbdlantiq: add dsl firmware to default packages
2016-03-07 nbdlantiq: do not set default firmware file
2016-02-25 haukekernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.3
2016-02-12 blogicuse "-gt" instead of ">" with [ in /lib/functions/lanti...
2016-02-08 blogiclantiq: VGV7510KW22/VGV7519 update spi pinmux group
2016-02-08 blogiclantiq: BTHOMEHUBV5A - explicit select the flash device
2016-02-08 blogiclantiq: fix wrong parameter order in xway_nand driver
2016-01-29 nbdlantiq: Make the ar9.dtsi sram node match "simple-bus"
2016-01-29 nbdlantiq: Move the definition of the xrx200-net node...
2016-01-29 nbdlantiq: fix PHY state handling issue
2016-01-25 nbdbase-files: remove default /etc/config/network, generat...
2016-01-20 nbdlantiq: Fix enabling CONFIG_MTD_UIMAGE_SPLIT
2016-01-19 nbdlantiq: Enable the uImage mtd splitter
2016-01-18 haukelantiq: add support for TP-Link VR200v
2016-01-18 nbdlantiq: drop linux 4.1 support
2016-01-18 nbdlantiq: switch to linux 4.4
2016-01-18 nbdlantiq: fix VDSL device detection with Linux 4.4
2016-01-18 nbdlantiq: Add support for linux 4.4
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Remove incorrect PCIe compatible strings
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Remove the old SPI driver patch
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Switch to the new SPI driver
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Add a rewritten version of the SPI driver
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Disable CONFIG_SPI_GPIO
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Enable the hardware SPI driver on the DGN3500...
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Enable SPI for the EASY80920 board again
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Switch FRITZ3370 from spi-gpio to the hardware...
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Re-use the SPI node from vr9.dtsi in TDW89X0...
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Add the SPI node to ar9.dtsi and vr9.dtsi
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Configure the PCIe reset GPIO using OF
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Use the new pinctrl compatible strings
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Backport upstream pinctrl-xway patches from 4.5
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Fixed brnImage signature for the VGV7510KW22BRN...
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Switch to the generic mtdsplit parser implement...
2016-01-13 haukelantiq: remove clk_round_rate() patch
2016-01-12 haukekernel/4.1: update to version 4.1.15
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: Add the xbar to vr9.dts
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: match default xdsl mode and default wan interface
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: convert vendorid into human readable form
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: add the current profile to the stats output
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: TDW8980 - use devicename:colour:function led...
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: P2812HNUFX - move usb leds to P2812HNU-F1
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: use devicename:colour:function led naming scheme
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: add support for indicating the boot state using...
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: use dsl led defined in DTS
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: use power leds defined in DTS
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: use default leds defined in DTS
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: define default leds in dts files
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: ARV752DPW - fix dts file
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: ARV752DPW22 - fix dts file
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: DGN1000B - fix typo in dts file
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: ARV4518PWR01* move redundant parts to dtsi
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: BTHOMEHUBV2B - remove missing usb led workaround
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: P2812HNUFX - move leds to dtsi
2015-12-23 blogiclantiq: fix Image Builder
2015-12-23 blogiclantiq: fix PCI_DEVICE_ID_LANTIQ_PCIE
2015-12-23 blogiclantiq: TDW89x0 - increase spi frequency
2015-12-23 blogiclantiq: disable SW_PORTMAP usage in the ethernet driver
2015-12-23 blogiclantiq: Configure LED polarity for TDW8970 and TDW8980.
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: fix ARV7519RW22 buttons
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: add the TDW8980 5GHz led
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: Fix LED handling.
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: Configure LED polarity for TDW8970.
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: Configure disabled WLAN bands for TDW89X0.
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: Allow configuration of ath9k disabled bands...
2015-12-11 jowall: drop old
2015-12-11 blogiclantiq: get rid of ltq-vdsl-fw
2015-12-11 blogiclantiq: fix led setup after switch to uci-defaults...
2015-12-06 jowlantiq: fix logic error in dsl board.d code
2015-12-05 nbdlantiq: add VDSL2 vectoring status information
2015-12-05 nbdlantiq: get rid of the dsl_fw mtd partition
2015-12-05 nbdlantiq: remove 3.18 support
2015-12-04 nbdlantiq: fix a race condition in the SPI driver leading...
2015-12-04 nbdlantiq: re-enable spi-xway for TD-W89X0 now that it...
2015-12-04 nbdlantiq: fix xway spi driver timeout issues
2015-12-04 nbdlantiq: clean up the xrx200 ethernet driver and fix...
2015-12-04 nbdlantiq: move esi calls to dsl_cpe_control scripts to...
2015-12-04 jowlantiq: switch from uci-defaults to board.d
2015-12-02 nbdlantiq: fix up m25p80 device ids (#20975)
2015-11-24 haukelantiq: fix compile error
2015-11-24 nbdkernel: update m25p80 in 4.1 to the latest version...
2015-11-21 blogiclantiq: add phy led config support over devicetree...
2015-11-21 blogiclantiq: tweak DWC2 default parameters
2015-10-25 haukelantiq: add clk_round_rate()
2015-10-25 haukekernel: update kernel 4.1 to version 4.1.11