lantiq: use dwc2 by default on all ar9 boards
[openwrt.git] / target / linux / lantiq / dts /
2016-04-26 blogiclantiq: remove read-only flag on two partitions on...
2016-02-08 blogiclantiq: VGV7510KW22/VGV7519 update spi pinmux group
2016-02-08 blogiclantiq: BTHOMEHUBV5A - explicit select the flash device
2016-01-29 nbdlantiq: Make the ar9.dtsi sram node match "simple-bus"
2016-01-29 nbdlantiq: Move the definition of the xrx200-net node...
2016-01-18 haukelantiq: add support for TP-Link VR200v
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Remove incorrect PCIe compatible strings
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Switch to the new SPI driver
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Enable the hardware SPI driver on the DGN3500...
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Enable SPI for the EASY80920 board again
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Switch FRITZ3370 from spi-gpio to the hardware...
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Re-use the SPI node from vr9.dtsi in TDW89X0...
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Add the SPI node to ar9.dtsi and vr9.dtsi
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Configure the PCIe reset GPIO using OF
2016-01-17 nbdlantiq: Use the new pinctrl compatible strings
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: Add the xbar to vr9.dts
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: TDW8980 - use devicename:colour:function led...
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: P2812HNUFX - move usb leds to P2812HNU-F1
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: use devicename:colour:function led naming scheme
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: add support for indicating the boot state using...
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: use dsl led defined in DTS
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: define default leds in dts files
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: ARV752DPW - fix dts file
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: ARV752DPW22 - fix dts file
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: DGN1000B - fix typo in dts file
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: ARV4518PWR01* move redundant parts to dtsi
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: P2812HNUFX - move leds to dtsi
2015-12-23 blogiclantiq: TDW89x0 - increase spi frequency
2015-12-23 blogiclantiq: Configure LED polarity for TDW8970 and TDW8980.
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: fix ARV7519RW22 buttons
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: add the TDW8980 5GHz led
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: Configure LED polarity for TDW8970.
2015-12-17 blogiclantiq: Configure disabled WLAN bands for TDW89X0.
2015-12-05 nbdlantiq: get rid of the dsl_fw mtd partition
2015-12-04 nbdlantiq: re-enable spi-xway for TD-W89X0 now that it...
2015-12-02 nbdlantiq: fix up m25p80 device ids (#20975)
2015-10-19 blogicRevert "lantiq: activate spi-xway on TDW89X0"
2015-10-07 blogiclantiq: activate spi-xway on TDW89X0
2015-10-05 blogiclantiq: several ARV7519RW22 fixes
2015-10-05 blogiclantiq: Add target TP-Link TD-W8980
2015-09-14 blogiclantiq: Introduce DWC2 compatible DTS definitions for...
2015-07-07 blogiclantiq: Add support for Arcadyan ARV8539PW22 (Speedport...
2015-07-07 blogiclantiq: Add support for the BT Home Hub 5A
2015-07-07 blogiclantiq: Make the MEI address available for kernel drivers
2015-06-05 blogiclantiq: Add support for Arcadyan VGV7510KW22 (known...
2015-06-01 jogolantiq: fix VG3503J rootfs offset
2015-03-11 blogiclantiq: Convert Zyxel P-2812HNU-FX and TP-Link TD-W8970...
2015-02-13 blogiclantiq: fix DGN3500 root device
2015-02-11 blogiclantiq: fix VG3503J partition table for newer kernels
2015-02-09 blogiclantiq: td-w8970: fix reset button
2015-02-09 blogiclantiq: add 3.18 support
2015-01-18 blogiclantiq: DGN3500 cleanups
2015-01-17 blogicRemove old P2812HNUFX dts
2015-01-17 blogiclantiq: Add device tree for P2812HNUF1 and P2812HNUF3
2015-01-08 blogiclantiq: BT Home Hub3A - device tree
2014-10-29 blogiclantiq: vgv7519: fix board_config on dts, read mac...
2014-10-26 blogicvgv7519: support more recent board release with vrx288...
2014-10-14 blogiclantiq: allow pcie to be disabled by dts + vgv7519...
2014-10-06 blogiclantiq - vgv7519: load rt5362 eeprom from bootloader...
2014-10-06 blogiclantiq - vgv7519: enable pci bus
2014-10-06 blogiclantiq - vgv7519: remove spi_cs4, since the board use...
2014-10-06 blogiclantiq - vgv7519: fix open-drain configuration for stp
2014-10-06 blogiclantiq - vgv7519: add pci-rst entry into dts
2014-10-06 blogiclantiq - vgv7519: remove exin definition copied from...
2014-10-06 blogiclantiq - vgv7519: we don't have pcie bus so we don...
2014-10-06 blogiclantiq - vgv7519: we don't have dual minipci-card so...
2014-10-06 blogiclantiq - vgv7519: fix gphy led configuration (this...
2014-09-16 blogiclantiq: move the lantiq,switch property into the interf...
2014-08-28 blogiclantiq: BTHOMEHUBV2B use bigger mtd partition for kernel
2014-08-18 blogiclantiq: generate unique ARV7519RW22 firmware
2014-08-18 blogiclantiq: improve ARV7519RW22 support
2014-07-28 blogiclantiq: fix dgn3500 and td8970 wifi
2014-07-16 blogiclantiq: fix board_id/boardname for VGV7519
2014-07-14 blogiclantiq: vgv7519 add missing wps label to dts
2014-06-16 blogiclantiq BTHOMEHUBV2B - update dts for automatic detectio...
2014-06-16 blogiclantiq: fixup vgv7519 usb support
2014-06-02 blogiclantiq: Fix ARV7510PW22 etop
2014-06-02 blogiclantiq: Fix ARV4518 etop
2014-04-22 blogiclantiq: BT Home Hub 2B - overlayfs on top of ubi
2014-04-16 blogiclantiq: ARV7519RW22: several fixes
2014-04-12 blogiclantiq: enable switch on td8970
2014-04-11 blogiclantiq: add an extra partition to the TDW8970 flash...
2014-04-07 blogiclantiq: there is a V2 of VG3503J that needs a newer...
2014-04-03 blogiclantiq: BT Home Hub 2B support - board support
2014-04-03 blogiclantiq: make td8970 wifi led work
2014-04-03 blogiclantiq: fix vr9 ubi handling
2014-03-30 blogiclntiq: add support for Astoria ARV7519RW.
2014-03-30 blogiclantiq: P2601HNFX dts update for STP and buttons
2014-03-30 blogiclantiq: add support for Arcadyan ARV7519PW
2014-03-30 blogiclantiq: add support for ZyXEL P2812HNUFX
2014-03-30 blogiclantiq: fixup 3370 dts file
2014-02-15 lukalantiq: fix PCI problems on ARV4510PW
2014-01-15 blogiclantiq: Add support for Astoria ARV7510PW22
2014-01-12 blogiclantiq: improve Arcadyan ARV4510PW support
2013-11-20 blogiclantiq: update default mii modes
2013-11-11 blogiclantiq: DGN3500 fixups
2013-11-11 blogiclantiq: rename TDW8970 led adsl->dsl
2013-11-11 blogiclantiq: update TDW8970.dts to support buttons properly
2013-10-07 blogiclantiq: experia v8 fixes
2013-10-07 blogiclantiq: fix fritz3370 dts file