lantiq: use dwc2 by default on all ar9 boards
[openwrt.git] / target / linux / lantiq / base-files / lib /
2016-04-09 blogiclantiq-dsl: add missing blank in dsl output
2016-04-09 blogiclantiq-dsl: bugfix latency values swapped for lucistat
2016-04-09 blogiclantiq-dsl: bugfix db negative sign after comma
2016-03-07 nbdlantiq: print profile name in dsl lucistat
2016-02-12 blogicuse "-gt" instead of ">" with [ in /lib/functions/lanti...
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: convert vendorid into human readable form
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: add the current profile to the stats output
2016-01-01 blogiclantiq: use default leds defined in DTS
2015-12-05 nbdlantiq: add VDSL2 vectoring status information
2015-10-19 blogiclantiq: Synchronize access to the DSL command pipe
2015-10-11 blogiclantiq: bugfix wrong non pre-emptive crc errors output
2015-10-07 blogiclantiq: bugfix luci lantiq_dsl status
2015-10-05 blogiclantiq: bugfix uninitialized variables
2015-09-15 rmileckilantiq: update list on NAND devices in platform_pre_upgrade
2015-09-15 blogiclantiq: add platform_pre_upgrade for sysupgrade
2015-09-14 blogiclantiq: get more status information from xDSL
2015-07-07 blogiclantiq: Add support for the BT Home Hub 5A
2015-02-09 blogiclantiq: td-w8970: fix failsafe mode
2015-01-17 blogicAdd profile and userspace for P2812HNUF1/3, switch...
2015-01-08 blogiclantiq: BT Home Hub 3A - userspace
2014-10-29 properly detect vdsl_cpe_control and...
2014-07-14 blogiclantiq: detect board in preinit state
2014-07-10 blogiclantiq: generate /tmp/sysinfo/lantiq_board_name if...
2014-07-10 blogiclantiq: enable SysupgradeNAND for BTHOMEHUBV2B
2014-07-02 blogiclantiq: add support for /tmp/sysinfo
2014-06-02 blogictarget/linux/*/base-files/lib/upgrade/ ...
2014-04-05 blogiclantiq: cleanup the dsl control scripts
2013-09-17 blogiclantiq: add v3.10 patches
2013-08-06 blogiclantiq: add tplink header id to sysupgrade and fix...
2013-05-30 blogiclantiq: DGN3500 support
2013-04-25 blogiclantiq: fix board detection helpers
2012-12-15 blogic[lantiq] cleanup basefiles
2012-05-27 blogic[lantiq] dgn3500 support with eeprom loading from sysfs
2012-02-14 blogic[ltq-dsl] add annex selection support to ltq_dsl package
2011-11-15 blogiclantiq: add runtime generation of /etc/config/network
2011-11-12 blogiclantiq: add /lib/ and make hotplug handlers...
2010-12-12 blogic[lantiq] adds new lantiq kernel. once the codebase...