kirkwood: add support for dockstar
[openwrt.git] / target / linux / kirkwood / image / Makefile
2013-11-06 lukakirkwood: add support for dockstar
2013-10-31 lukakirkwood: add userland support for Pogoplug E02
2013-10-31 lukakirkwood: extend image/Makefile
2013-10-23 lukabuild: make MkuImage more generic
2013-10-14 lukakirkwood: upgrade to 3.10.15
2013-10-12 lukaubifs: enable building modular images
2013-10-04 lukakirkwood: add support for UBI (3.10.x)
2013-10-03 lukakirkwood: enable dts compilation
2013-10-03 lukakirkwood: fix initramfs images
2013-10-02 lukakirkwood: drop PROFILE from image names
2013-06-27 floriantargets: prepare for supporting normal and initramfs...
2013-06-05 jogokirkwood: convert to use the new jffs2_nand
2010-08-29 lars[kirkwood] Add different profiles for Sheevaplug and...
2010-08-29 lars[kirkwood] Align jffs2 to pagesize and fix mkfs2.jffs2...
2010-08-28 lars[kirkwood] Cleanup image generation
2010-08-22 lars[kirkwood] Add Seagate Dockstar support
2010-04-12 nicodefine a shared IMG_PREFIX variable used as a basename...
2009-06-01 kalozincrease kernel partition to 4MB, generate jffs2 images
2009-05-02 kalozcopy kirkwood uImage to the bin dir
2009-05-02 kalozadd preliminary Marvell Kirkwood support