imx6: fix image build for Generic profile.
[openwrt.git] / target / linux / imx6 / image / Makefile
2014-09-09 lukaimx6: fix image build for Generic profile.
2014-08-08 lukaimx6: drop ventana kernel/rootfs hack
2014-07-21 blogictarget/linux/*/image/Makefile: use new dts path variable
2014-07-10 blogicimx6: put kernel and dtb into rootfs by default
2013-11-18 lukaimx6: merge all gateworks boards into one profile
2013-11-18 lukaimx6: add support for more then one nand type per profile
2013-10-31 lukaimx6: minor image cleanup
2013-10-23 lukaimx6: use more descriptive function name
2013-10-23 lukaimx6: use more common name for ubi(fs) images
2013-10-23 lukaimx6: add support for building uImage
2013-10-23 lukaimx6: fix symlink of dtb files
2013-10-22 lukaimx6: make symlinks for dtb's
2013-10-18 lukaimx6: reorganize build system
2013-10-17 lukaimx6: fix file names when building images
2013-10-16 lukabuild: move script to more common place
2013-07-15 lukaimx6: add support for gw5400-a
2013-07-15 lukaimx6: use $PATH to locate dtc binary
2013-06-27 floriantargets: prepare for supporting normal and initramfs...
2013-05-29 lukaimx6: add new target