imx6: backport thermal driver
[openwrt.git] / target / linux / imx6 / config-3.10
2013-09-27 lukaimx6: backport thermal driver
2013-09-25 lukaimx6: enable XZ_DEC_BCJ and XZ_DEC_ARM
2013-09-20 lukaimx6: update PCIe driver
2013-09-20 lukaimx6: update config
2013-09-10 lukaimx6: add gpio sysfs support
2013-08-28 lukaimx6: disable sdma until license issues are solved
2013-08-28 lukaimx6: refresh 3.10 kernel config
2013-08-04 lukaimx6: remove sdma binary
2013-07-28 lukaimx6: add support for EHCI USB
2013-07-20 juhosglinux: move more ARM_ERRATA symbols to the generic...
2013-07-19 jogokernel: move CONFIG_NET_IP_TUNNEL to generic
2013-07-15 lukaimx6: add support for gw5400-a
2013-07-02 lukaimx6: make kernel_oldconfig
2013-05-29 lukaimx6: add new target