ep93xx: fix sound dependencies for ep93xx
[openwrt.git] / target / linux / ep93xx / modules.mk
2013-10-01 haukeep93xx: fix sound dependencies for ep93xx
2013-03-17 florianep93xx: account for sound soc directory rename in 3.7
2012-12-10 florian[ep93xx] keyboard driver depends on input-matrixkmap...
2012-07-26 florian[ep93xx] make sure target modules depend on the target
2012-07-25 florian[package] split framebuffer helper modules to their...
2012-07-24 florian[ep93xx] package ep93xx framebuffer
2012-07-24 florian[ep93xx] fix sound modules loading order and dependencies
2012-07-24 florian[ep93xx] package ep93xx touchscreen driver as a module
2011-08-11 florian[ep93xx] package more board specific modules: