remove duplicate package/ prefix from package dump error message
[openwrt.git] / target / Makefile
2006-07-20 mbmchange 'source' to 'download'
2006-06-27 mbmcredit where credit is due
2006-06-21 nbdmove target/linux/image to target/image
2006-06-21 nbdfix and enable the sdk
2006-06-21 nbdbuild system cleanup. move shared include files into...
2006-06-20 nbdadd target/download
2006-05-31 nbdcleanup; replace .PHONY with FORCE; disable gdb by...
2006-05-31 nbddisable target/linux/package
2006-05-10 nbdremove old trace/verbose junk
2006-02-24 nbdfix make target/linux/package/*-clean
2006-01-31 mbmfix "make target/linux/package/*-*" targets
2006-01-14 mbmfix trace targets to actually display correct target...
2006-01-13 nbdcall target/linux/prepare from target/prepare
2005-10-22 nbdlarge build system cleanup. added some stuff to control...
2005-08-14 nbdadd new image builder
2005-07-20 wbxremove unused variable
2005-07-17 nbdmove target/default/target_skeleton into package/base...
2005-06-11 nbdcleanup in target/
2005-06-05 nbdadd rebuild target for the linux directory
2005-05-28 nbdmove package/linux into target/linux, use wbx' new...
2005-04-21 nbdfix sdk build
2005-04-21 mbmadd lzma to compile chain
2005-04-20 nbdadd openwrt image builder to sdk
2005-04-08 nbdadd some fixes for parallel build (does not work with...
2005-04-02 nbdremove lzma loader config option (make it default)...
2005-04-02 wbxlzma loader patch from oleg, great thanks good work...
2005-03-29 mbmenable CONFIG_NET_RADIO
2005-03-23 wbxremove link before creation, otherwise rebuild fails
2005-03-20 mbmplease quit breaking things