final fix for the profile selection
[openwrt.git] / target /
2007-02-28 nbdmark uml as broken and add some cleanups (not working...
2007-02-22 nbddisable the image builder in menuconfig for profiles...
2007-01-21 nbdadd missing VIDEO_SUPPORT option
2006-11-12 nbdimplement target profiles in menuconfig
2006-11-12 nbdfix default target
2006-11-11 nbdmake target/linux/* directories self-contained, use...
2006-10-27 kalozrename the xscale target to ixp4xx for the forthcoming...
2006-10-17 nbdadd ATM_SUPPORT flag
2006-10-17 nbdadd USES_EXT2 flag for target platforms
2006-10-15 florianMerge preliminary rdc-2.6 support (Airlink101 AR525W)
2006-10-13 nbdfinally move buildroot-ng to trunk
2006-10-08 nbdenable jffs2 by default on x86-2.6
2006-10-07 nbdremove x86-2.4
2006-10-07 nicofix default ARCH setting
2006-10-03 nbdmove BIG_ENDIAN selection to arch configs
2006-09-23 nbdclean up filesystem selction
2006-09-05 nbdenable squashfs in the magicbox kernel (not used yet...
2006-08-27 kalozintroduce USB_SUPPORT, clean up some dependencies
2006-08-25 kalozadd basic support for the Magicbox boards
2006-08-10 mbmmark 63xx as broken until the platform is ready
2006-08-06 kalozadd XScale support to -ng
2006-07-31 nbdau1000 has pci support, but no pcmcia
2006-07-25 mbmintroduce new BROKEN menuconfig option for hiding known...
2006-07-20 grozUML target completed. Added ext2 target fs for use...
2006-07-02 florianFancy name for au1000 target
2006-06-26 florianMerge premilinary Broadcom 63xx support (Livebox, Sieme...
2006-06-15 nbdadd rb532 support
2006-05-30 nbdresync with kamikaze
2006-05-12 mbmfix BR2_ and CONFIG_ issues
2006-04-21 nbdmore cleanups and a new menuconfig generator
2006-04-20 nbdmenuconfig cleanup
2006-04-12 florianMove ueagle to the main kernel config since it is in...
2006-04-10 florianAdd initial support for AMD Alchemy 1500 boards (4G...
2006-04-08 nbdfix ipsec-tools dependencies
2006-03-06 kalozreenable unsupported targets on DEVELOPER=1, add binuti...
2006-01-13 kalozmake target selection nicer, choose arch automatically
2006-01-12 mbmMerge aruba support
2006-01-11 nbdremove incorrect default statements
2006-01-10 nbdMove device selection first in menuconfig (#18)
2005-12-07 nicofix tgz image help
2005-07-25 nbdremove broken depend line in target fs config
2005-07-25 nicoadd tgz image (kernel+rootfs tar archive) for testing
2005-05-28 nbdmove package/linux into target/linux, use wbx' new...
2005-03-07 mbmenable hotplug
2005-03-06 mbmnbd's makefile/menuconfig rewrite
2005-03-03 mbmtarget/jffs2/ for setting block size (req...
2005-02-23 wbxI do not believe that users will cleanup kernelsource...
2005-02-23 wbxzlib off by default, special targets off at the moment...
2005-02-19 wbxsome comment on changing rootfs type
2005-02-19 wbxsync with buildroot2 from uclibc, add devices, may...
2005-02-18 wbxwarning added
2005-02-17 wbxnew root target! squashfs with lzma compression from...
2005-02-12 mbmcleanup the whole addpattern / trx nonsense
2005-02-06 mbmwbx's kernel patches
2005-01-16 mbmInitial revision