don't run mdev on hotplug pseudo-events that come from user space
[openwrt.git] / package /
2007-03-03 nbddon't run mdev on hotplug pseudo-events that come from...
2007-03-03 kalozR.I.P. devfs
2007-03-02 nbdmake find_mtd_part work without devfs
2007-03-02 pavlovcommit profile support for base-files... patches still...
2007-03-02 nbdadd SimpleTech SimpleShare NAS diag support (untested...
2007-03-02 nbdadd support for static routes - based on the patch...
2007-03-02 nbdadd support for if{down,up} -a and implement proper...
2007-03-02 nbdmake squashfs overlay support more generic and integrat...
2007-03-01 nbdfix compile error
2007-03-01 nbdmake the iptables package robust to kernel config changes
2007-03-01 florianPackage sit module as part of kmod-ipv6 (#1424)
2007-03-01 florianMake strongswan really depend on 2.4 kernels
2007-02-28 florianFix truncated pings results when packets are too small...
2007-02-28 nbdfix the issue of httpd no longer working when its root...
2007-02-28 florianFix dependency on zlib
2007-02-28 florianRevert previous commit oops :/
2007-02-28 florianRe-enable fuse for 2.4 kernels as well (#1346)
2007-02-28 florianAdd strongswan (#1330)
2007-02-28 nbdfix kexec-tools build
2007-02-28 florianAdd ipt_CLASSIFY target for 2.4 kernels (#1338)
2007-02-28 nbdadd missing dependencies (#1244)
2007-02-28 nbdadd wl-500w diag support (untested, based on patch...
2007-02-27 nbdadd a check for brctl in the unbridge() function (fixes...
2007-02-27 nbduse config_get_bool for hide_ssid option in madwifi
2007-02-27 nbdmove config_get_bool from /sbin/wifi to /etc/
2007-02-27 florianAdd hidden_ssid option to madwifi script (#1363)
2007-02-27 nbdremove compatibility crap from libfuse which seems...
2007-02-27 nbdfix alsa compile
2007-02-27 florianMake cifs depend on kmod-nls-base (#1360)
2007-02-27 nbdfix pam header related compile error in dropbear
2007-02-26 florianAdd macosx fix from #1407
2007-02-26 nbdIntegrate basic UCI config file validation support
2007-02-26 nbdadd missing dependency
2007-02-26 nbdminor cleanup
2007-02-26 nbduse default_subtargets in package/Makefile and target...
2007-02-25 nbdmore cleanup
2007-02-25 nbdvarious configure related cleanups
2007-02-25 nbdfix path to usb audio module
2007-02-25 nbdfix KCONFIG for usb-audio package (#1335)
2007-02-25 nbdmore reliable fix for handling ppp
2007-02-25 nbdintegrate the fix from #1348 and clean up the network...
2007-02-25 nbdfix ppp defaultroute issues (based on patch from #1386...
2007-02-23 nbdadd -mlong-calls cflag to alsa mips build (patch from...
2007-02-22 kalozNTFS-3G is at v1.0 now
2007-02-20 florianMove aodv-uu to trunk/
2007-02-20 nbdnuke even more debug stuff
2007-02-20 nbdsorry, last commit had a bug
2007-02-20 nbdfix debug patch for ahb
2007-02-20 kalozfix wireless-tools install *sigh* - thanks Kesha for...
2007-02-20 kalozdisable debugging stuff in madwifi - saves precious...
2007-02-19 florianUpgrade comgt to 0.32 (#1347)
2007-02-19 florianFix another typo, definitively closes #1370
2007-02-19 florianFix a typo for videodev modules (#1371)
2007-02-19 florianFix a typo with latest driver, module name changed...
2007-02-16 nbdadd e1000 support
2007-02-16 nbdfix memleak in uniq (#1354)
2007-02-16 mbmmissed a reference to compile-targets
2007-02-16 mbmremove obsolete compile-targets rule
2007-02-16 nbdremove annoying package rm command
2007-02-14 nicofix pcmcia modules load order (closes: #1355)
2007-02-13 nbdfix tar segfault (patch from busybox svn rev. 17772)
2007-02-12 nbdMenuconfig will not treat 'select FOO' as a real dependency
2007-02-12 mbmChange localhost into a fully qualified name; remove...
2007-02-12 mbmfix dnsmasq parsing of /etc/hosts for fqdn cases like...
2007-02-12 nbdadd some more busybox patches from upstream
2007-02-12 malbonMore dependencies are required to force fuse to Linux...
2007-02-12 nbdfix for multiple lock/unlock operations in 'lock' comma...
2007-02-12 malbonForce dependency on LINUX_2_6 to stop building fuse...
2007-02-11 nbdoops... accidentally merged a broken patch
2007-02-11 nbdfix a bug that breaks some cgi scripts on busybox ...
2007-02-10 nbdrevert httpd header handling code to the one from busyb...
2007-02-08 kalozadd NTFS-3G
2007-02-08 kalozupgrade FUSE to v2.6.3, make fuse-utils depend on libfu...
2007-02-08 nbdport [6229] to kamikaze
2007-02-06 nbdfix typos in ifdown (patch from #1319)
2007-02-04 nbdupgrade to busybox 1.4.1
2007-02-04 nbdfix madwifi compile for atheros 2.6
2007-02-04 nbdget rid of the get_system_type() dependency for atheros 2.6
2007-02-02 nbdfix compat hacks for init_work
2007-02-01 nicomark pwc as broken (at least on brcm-2.6 & x86-2.6)
2007-02-01 nbdupdate d80211 to latest wireless-dev version
2007-02-01 nbdfix typo
2007-02-01 nbdunbreak cgis with custom headers on busybox httpd
2007-01-31 nbdenable httpd sighup config reload by default
2007-01-31 mbmmove "make symlinks" to "make package/symlinks"
2007-01-29 nbdfix a typo
2007-01-29 nbdmove the natsemi preselection into the x86 default...
2007-01-27 nbdadd broadcast setting for /etc/config/network interfaces
2007-01-27 nbdfix stupid busybox bin2hex bug
2007-01-27 nbdreally fix busybox wget command line parsing
2007-01-27 nbdadd broadcom-wl patchtable again
2007-01-26 nbdfix wget --passive-ftp
2007-01-26 nbdanother fix for the awk command line parsing - should...
2007-01-26 nbdbluetooth currently depends on usb support
2007-01-25 nbdupgrade busybox to 1.4.0
2007-01-25 nbdmake usb init script executable
2007-01-25 nbduse syslogd -C16 instead of syslogd -C 16 (busybox...
2007-01-25 nbdrename patch to avoid duplicate patch number
2007-01-25 nicoforce pcmcia-cs reconfiguration when the kernel configu...
2007-01-25 nicoupdate e2fsprogs to 1.39 (closes: #1161)