libpcap: disable some autodetected features to avoid extra dependencies and bloat
[openwrt.git] / package /
2014-02-06 nbdlibpcap: disable some autodetected features to avoid...
2014-02-06 cyrusodhcp6c: Fix timing and some regressions from yesterday
2014-02-05 haukeiw: update to iw 3.14
2014-02-05 haukekernel: kmod-fs-jfs
2014-02-05 haukeacx-mac80211: fix build after recent mac80211 update...
2014-02-05 cyrusodhcpd: fix homenet dhcpv6 filter
2014-02-05 cyrusodhcp6c: Add support for userclass and vendorclass
2014-02-05 nbdtcpdump: update to current upstream version 4.5.1
2014-02-05 nbdlibpcap: update to current upstream version 1.5.3
2014-02-05 wigyoriuboot-sunxi: various fixes
2014-02-04 jowlinux: don't break kmod-fs-nfs for Kernels < 3.6.x
2014-02-04 jowlinux: fix kmod-fs-nfs to include nfsv3.ko, it was...
2014-02-03 nbdwifi: Introduce 802.11ac support
2014-02-03 nbdath9k: merge a tx power handling fix
2014-02-03 cyrusodhcp6c: Revert to slightly modified version of old...
2014-02-02 cyrusodhcp6c: improve handling of RA on-link routes and...
2014-02-02 nbdmac80211: fix basic rate list processing in ad-hoc...
2014-02-02 nbdlibubox: update to latest version, fixes a jshn warning...
2014-02-02 nbdhostapd: do not get basic_rate as a simple string variable
2014-02-02 nbdmac80211: fix processing of the distance option (#14893)
2014-02-01 nbdmac80211: merge upstream fixes
2014-02-01 cyrusodhcpd: fix internal router DHCPv4 filter
2014-01-31 jowbusybox: Add help documentation in menuconfig
2014-01-31 wigyorisunxi: boot changes
2014-01-31 jowbase-files: expose taint flags in /etc/openwrt_release
2014-01-31 nbdbusybox: add a reworked implementation of menuconfig...
2014-01-31 jowbusybox: fix dependency on librpc (#14636)
2014-01-31 cyrusodhcp6c: several bugfixes and improvements
2014-01-31 nbdath9k: fix handling of the default chip pci id on ar93x...
2014-01-31 nbdhostapd: fix basic rate list handling with netifd
2014-01-30 juhosgkernel/modules: add xen-privcmd package
2014-01-30 nbdmac80211: refresh tarball with a newer backports version
2014-01-30 nbdmac80211: update to wireless-testing 2014-01-23
2014-01-30 nbdhostapd: fix frequency selection for ap+sta
2014-01-30 blogiclibubox: ubox: procd: ubus: update to latest git head
2014-01-29 jowAdd sysfixtime init script, replacement of luci_fixtime
2014-01-29 jowlldpd: build without libreadline
2014-01-29 jowlldpd: add missing lldpcli
2014-01-29 jowlldpd: push to version 0.7.7
2014-01-28 jowhostapd: Fix 80211w setup with netifd
2014-01-28 jowhostapd: Fix basic_rate setup with netifd
2014-01-24 luka[package] uboot-envtools: add support for wndr3700
2014-01-23 luka[package] base-files: add ucidef_add_switch_port function
2014-01-23 cyrusodhcpd: fix certain config values being overwritten
2014-01-23 cyrus6rd: Make don't fragment bit (df) a configurable variable
2014-01-22 blogicubox: revert log buffer size changes
2014-01-21 blogicubox: update to latest git head
2014-01-21 blogiclantiq: fix unaligned access in vdsl firmware extractor
2014-01-20 blogicprocd: update to latest git head
2014-01-20 cyrusnetifd: don't add unnecessary NOP policy rules
2014-01-20 cyrus6in4: fix typo in config variable (fixes #14830)
2014-01-19 blogicubox: update to latest git head
2014-01-19 cyrusfirewall: don't reload if there were no address or...
2014-01-19 blogickernel: add usb3 module definitions
2014-01-18 cyrusodhcpd: Fix a memory corruption when static leases...
2014-01-17 blogicsysupgrade: do not kill any processes in failsafe
2014-01-17 blogicusbmode: update usb-modeswitch-data version to 20131113
2014-01-17 blogicubox: update to latest git
2014-01-17 cyrusodhcpd: be even less verbose and don't start unnecessar...
2014-01-17 cyrusodhcpd: fix logspam
2014-01-17 cyrusodhcpd: use hybrid management mode by default
2014-01-17 cyrusdnsmasq: add dnsmasq.d config folder & improve odhcpd...
2014-01-17 cyrusodhcp6c: Use sourcerouting by default
2014-01-17 cyrusodhcp6c: fix several small issues + decrease size
2014-01-17 cyrusodhcpd: several bugfixes and improved integration
2014-01-17 cyrus6in4, 6rd, 6to4: Use source-restricted routes by default
2014-01-17 cyrusnetifd: Add IFUPDATE-flags and use main IPv6 routing...
2014-01-17 blogickexec: bump to latest head revision
2014-01-15 blogicfirewall: improve logging in hotplug script
2014-01-15 wigyoripackages: ifenslave: add kernel dependencies as source...
2014-01-14 haukegpio-button-hotplug: add wwan button
2014-01-14 haukepackages: kernel: reverse kernel dependencies logic
2014-01-14 blogichostapd: fix mcast_rate setting
2014-01-14 wigyori[modules] ipt-tproxy: nf_tproxy_core was moved out...
2014-01-14 florianbusybox: enable the devmem applet
2014-01-13 wigyori[modules]: fix 3.12 dependencies
2014-01-12 wigyori[packages] uboot-sunxi: - add support for Cubietruck
2014-01-12 haukebroadcom-diag: remove devices already supported by...
2014-01-12 haukebrcm47xx: update some patches to versions in linux...
2014-01-12 blogicubox: welcome to 2014
2014-01-12 blogicubox: update to latest git - fixes error reporting
2014-01-12 blogicmac80211: enable ralink ap+sta support
2014-01-12 blogicnetifd: fix to respect setting of mcast_rate
2014-01-12 blogichostapd: fix frequency setting for IBSS/RSN
2014-01-12 blogicswconfig: improve usability when switch device incorrect
2014-01-12 blogiclibjson-c: also install .pc file for compatibility...
2014-01-12 blogicsamba: add browsable option
2014-01-12 blogiclantiq: fix atm compile
2014-01-12 jowrpcd: build, uci and session api fixes
2014-01-11 wigyori[packages] uboot-sunxi: add support for Olinuxino A10...
2014-01-10 juhosgath9k: add workaround for AR9331 USB host controller...
2014-01-08 jowjsonpath: make output in non-export mode more shell...
2014-01-07 kaloz[toolchain/binutils]: upgrade the Linaro binutils to...
2014-01-07 kalozadd x86_64 target support
2014-01-04 wigyori[uboot-sunxi]: add support for pcDuino board
2014-01-04 wigyori[uboot-sunxi]: update version
2014-01-02 jowAdd jsonpath - a command line utility to extract values...
2014-01-02 cyrus6relayd: try to workaround race condition at startup
2013-12-31 nbdnetifd: initialize the switch early at start time and...
2013-12-29 nbdnetifd: update to the latest version, fixes wireless...