busybox: fix validation in sysntpd init script
[openwrt.git] / package / utils / busybox / files / sysntpd
2014-06-30 lukabusybox: fix validation in sysntpd init script
2014-06-27 blogicbusybox: use ntp enabled config option
2014-03-17 nbdbusybox: fix processing of multiple NTP servers in...
2013-11-28 jowbusybox: do not abort sysntpd init if enable_server...
2013-11-13 blogicprocd: fixup 2 wrong option types
2013-11-13 blogicprocd: convert services to the new validation api
2013-09-23 luka[package] fix various init scripts
2013-09-17 blogicprocd: convert various packages to procd style init...
2013-08-04 jowbusybox: rename ntp init script back to sysntpd (#13920)