rpcd: iwinfo plugin fixes
[openwrt.git] / package / system / mtd /
2016-06-07 nbdtreewide: fix replace nbd@openwrt.org with nbd@nbd...
2016-05-11 rmileckimtd: imagetag: fix compilation with changed mtd_fixtrx...
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: add -c option for specifying amount of data to...
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: trx: use separated buffer for TRX header
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: seama: exit with error if Seama header wasn't...
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: seama: fix image data handling
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: seama: move buf allocation to the MD5 function
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: seama: update MD5 using header in the first block...
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: seama: add md5 to header struct
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: check for Seama magic early when fixing MD5
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: add missing breaks in a switch
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: use tabs for indents
2016-03-03 blogicmtd: fix reading of image magic bytes in smaller chunks
2016-02-10 rmileckimtd: fix Seama format after replacing EOF with sysupgra...
2016-02-06 rmileckimtd: detect image format when writing
2016-01-28 rmileckimtd: allow writing Seama files to "firmware" on Broadco...
2016-01-28 rmileckimtd: enable "fixseama" on bcm53xx
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: support Linksys boot counter on EA[34]500
2015-08-19 kalozmvebu: add support for the Linksys boot counter
2015-06-05 nbdmtd: add missing <endian.h> include
2015-03-05 blogicmtd: fix md5sum error checking
2015-02-27 jogopackage: mtd: move bcm963xx_tag definition into source...
2014-12-03 blogicmtd: make the dump commnd honour the -o option
2014-12-02 blogicmtd: make the mtd dump call run properly on nand flash
2014-12-02 blogicmtd: add ability to dump a mtd device
2014-11-26 blogicmtd: fix 2 compiler warnings
2014-11-03 blogiclicense info - revert r43155
2014-11-03 blogicAdd more license tags with SPDX identifiers
2014-11-02 cyrusAdd a few SPDX tags
2014-09-21 haukebcm53xx: add fixtrx
2014-09-02 nbdmtd: disable trx_check() for ar71xx, fixes a regression...
2014-09-02 nbdmtd: Fix trx check after partition rename ("linux"...
2014-05-21 nbdmtd: fix compile error with musl
2014-03-30 blogicmtd: improve mtd detection
2014-03-26 nbdmtd: add support for bad blocks in NAND flash
2013-11-19 blogicmtd: add a "mtd verify" call
2013-11-14 nbdar71xx: Unifi AP Pro sysupgrade patch
2013-09-19 juhosgpackage/mtd: enable seama fixup code for ar71xx
2013-07-14 nbdkernel/base-files: clean up old code related to refresh...
2013-06-21 blogicpackages: clean up the package folder