usbreset: rewrite to not rely on /proc/bus/usb anymore
[openwrt.git] / package / network /
2013-09-01 cyrusnetfilter: Add IPv6-NAT support for kernel and ipt
2013-09-01 cyrusiptables: Update to 1.4.20
2013-08-29 nbdnetifd: update to the latest version, fixes a bridge...
2013-08-25 acinonyxlldpd: Add libbsd dependency when using eglibc
2013-08-14 jowfirewall: update to git head
2013-08-08 nbdhostapd: fix typo in version number
2013-08-08 nbdhostapd: fix ubus reconnect handling
2013-08-08 nbdhostapd: add a build variant for wpa_supplicant with...
2013-08-08 nbdhostapd: update to latest version (20130707)
2013-08-06 nbdhostapd: Settings for DAE/CoA server
2013-08-06 nbdhostapd: Fix WDS/WEP usage
2013-08-06 nbdhostapd: Refresh patches
2013-08-06 nbdhostapd: Add an option to disable beaconing
2013-07-31 nbduhttpd: update to the latest version, fixes a crash...
2013-07-28 luka[package] iproute2: update to 3.10.0
2013-07-26 nbdopenvpn: update to 2.3.2
2013-07-26 cyrus6relayd: Overridden DNS should affect DHCPv6
2013-07-26 nbduhttpd: update to latest version, fixes issues with...
2013-07-26 nbdauthsae: add myself as a maintainer
2013-07-26 nbdauthsae: adapt uci scripts to use authsae
2013-07-26 nbdauthsae 80211s authentication daemon
2013-07-20 nbdead: fix compile errors with recent kernels
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix xtables-addons dependencies with kernel 3.3
2013-07-19 jowxtables-addons: use a select of kmod-ipt-core instead...
2013-07-19 jowxtables-addons: add missing kmod dependencies
2013-07-16 jowfirewall: update to git head
2013-07-16 cyrusnetifd: Fix IPv6-prefix assignment with continuous...
2013-07-16 cyrus6relayd: Fix DHCPv6-PD with continuous hints
2013-07-15 cyrusBump iptables version
2013-07-15 cyrusiptables: restore reap functionality to recent module
2013-07-14 lukanetifd: update to latest version, add bridge_empty...
2013-07-14 blogicswconfig: fix dependency bug introduced by [37304]
2013-07-14 haukebrcm47xx: use b53 phy driver for the switch in kernel...
2013-07-11 blogicdropbear: register a config.change trigger
2013-07-10 nbdipset: force the shell to bash to fix build issues...
2013-07-10 nbdxtables-addons: update to version 2.3, adds linux 3...
2013-07-10 nbdfirewall: add missing dependencies
2013-07-08 blogiclantiq: move dsl tools to package/network/config
2013-07-08 luka[package] linux-atm: fix dependencies
2013-07-04 jowfirewall: allow routed lan<->lan traffic by default
2013-07-04 jowlldpd: upgrade to 0.7.5
2013-07-03 cyrusodhcp6c: avoid integer overflows in resend logic
2013-07-03 cyrusodhcp6c: add missing config parameter
2013-07-01 jowhostapd: truncate default mac file before adding entrie...
2013-06-30 nbdhostapd: fix multi-ssid and AP+STA, clean up code
2013-06-30 nbdhostapd: update to latest git version
2013-06-30 nbdmac80211: update to wireless-testing 2013-06-27, fix...
2013-06-29 jowfirewall: update to git head
2013-06-28 cyrusnetifd: fix typo in dhcp script
2013-06-27 florian6relayd: prevent build on AVR32
2013-06-25 cyrusodhcp6c: Add missing config option "ifaceid"
2013-06-24 blogichostapd: fix superflous coma
2013-06-24 cyrusarptables: Bump to 0.0.4
2013-06-23 cyrus6relayd: don't accidentally remove regular prefix routes
2013-06-22 cyrus6relayd: fix lease-update behaviour for clients without...
2013-06-22 cyrus6relayd: Keep PD-downstream across RENEW/REBIND
2013-06-21 blogicpackages: clean up the package folder
2013-06-21 blogichostapd: remove old button hotplug script
2013-06-21 cyrus6relayd: Fix DHCPv6-PD assignment logic
2013-06-19 cyrus6relayd: correctly set downstream routes for DHCPv6-PD
2013-06-18 nbdnetifd: update to latest version, fixes a NULL pointer...
2013-06-18 jowfirewall: update to git head
2013-06-18 jowfirewall: update to git head
2013-06-18 cyrusodhcp6c: Add option to override interface identifier...
2013-06-17 cyrusnetifd: IPv6: Fix sorting order in last commit.
2013-06-17 cyrusnetifd: Satisfy IPv6 assignments ordered by prefix...
2013-06-17 jowhostapd: correctly handle macfile uci option
2013-06-17 jowdnsmasq: use host-record instead of address
2013-06-13 jowfirewall: update to git head
2013-06-13 jowfirewall: update to git head
2013-06-13 jowuhttpd: expose missing options to uci
2013-06-13 cyrusodhcp6c: add sanity checks for NDP and MTU parameters...
2013-06-11 cyrus6relayd: make route preference and prefix on-link flag...
2013-06-11 cyrusiproute2: add drop-failed rule action (patch by Jonas...
2013-06-10 nbdnetifd: update to latest version, uses the new uci...
2013-06-10 cyrusppp: correctly handle address when reloading
2013-06-10 cyrusnetifd: improve reloading behaviour
2013-06-09 jowiwinfo: add phyname attribute, this is useful to group...
2013-06-09 jowlibiwinfo: ignore log messages from wpa_supplicant...
2013-06-08 cyrusnetifd: Improve IPv6 source-routing policies
2013-06-08 jogonetifd: bring wifi down before shutting down
2013-06-06 jowfirewall: udpate to git head (#13652, #13654, #13658)
2013-06-06 jowfirewall: copy libext*.a from staging dir and drop...
2013-06-06 jowiptables: install libext*.a into staging dir
2013-06-05 jowfirewall: update to git head (#13652)
2013-06-04 jowfirewall3: fix accidentally changed install directive
2013-06-04 jowfirewall: fix git source url
2013-06-04 jowfirewall3: rename to firewall, move into base system...
2013-06-04 jowDrop legacy firewall package
2013-06-04 jowfirewall3: update to git head (#13641)
2013-06-03 jowfirewall3: update to git head
2013-06-01 nbduhttpd: update to latest version, fixes CGI related...
2013-06-01 cyrus6relayd: Work around Windows DHCPv6 quirks
2013-05-31 cyrusodhcp6c: work around spurious false-positive address...
2013-05-31 jowfirewall3: use list notation for default zone network...
2013-05-31 cyrusodhcp6c: fix handling of multiple RAs in a row
2013-05-30 cyrus6relayd: Better compatibility with misbheaving DHCPv6...
2013-05-30 cyrusnetifd: updated IPv6 prefix delegation
2013-05-30 nbduhttpd: update again to fix a ubus plugin crash bug
2013-05-30 nbduhttpd: update to latest version, fixes script timeout...