libubox: ubox: procd: move md5.{c,h} to libubox
[openwrt.git] / package / network /
2013-11-18 nbdhostapd: remove random pool support - the entropy it...
2013-11-18 jowfirewall: optimize DNAT rules and skip invalid rules...
2013-11-16 cyrus6rd: Clear correct IPv6 address bits in 6rdcalc
2013-11-13 blogicprocd: fixup 2 wrong option types
2013-11-13 blogicprocd: convert services to the new validation api
2013-11-12 nbdhostapd: remove #ifdef MULTICALL around ap+sta support...
2013-11-12 jowAdd patch to fix ipset timeout setting problem
2013-11-12 jowUpdate ipset to version 6.20.1
2013-11-11 haukeiwinfo: don't report associations for broadcom wds...
2013-11-11 haukeiwinfo: fix hwmodelist reporting for broadcom wl
2013-11-11 jowuhttpd: return after processing -d switch, only set...
2013-11-11 blogicuhttp: add ubus.default
2013-11-11 blogicpppd: don't call modprobe at all from pppoatm
2013-11-11 blogicuhttp: make the service auto respawn if it crashes
2013-11-11 blogicuhttp: make sure that the ubus module is loaded when...
2013-11-10 nbdnetifd: remove connect_time from /var/state, it is...
2013-11-07 blogiclantiq: fix vdsl-app dependency
2013-11-04 jowdnsmasq: fix backward compatibility with existing configs
2013-10-31 nbdopenvpn: clean up and fix the init script
2013-10-31 nbdnetifd: update to the latest version, fixes regression...
2013-10-30 nbdnetifd: update to latest version, adds fixes and some...
2013-10-29 cyrusodhcp6c: Multiple improvements and fixes
2013-10-23 cyrusodhcp6c: filter similar RAs spammed by some ISPs
2013-10-23 cyrusfirewall: Improve ubus support
2013-10-23 cyrusodhcpd: fix cleaning of configuration on reload
2013-10-21 cyrus6relayd: reduce fallout of RA spamming a bit
2013-10-19 cyrusnetifd: Fix ifupdate events
2013-10-18 cyrusodhcpd: various bugfixes
2013-10-18 cyrusnetifd: various improvements
2013-10-18 jowwpa_supplicant: fix beacon_int configuration option
2013-10-18 jowiw: add patch to support 802.11j frequencies
2013-10-18 jowiwinfo: make 'type' visible in wrapped iwinfo
2013-10-17 cyrusnetifd: rename customopts to sendopts for consistency
2013-10-17 cyrusAdded 'customopts' dhcp protocol option, which is an...
2013-10-17 cyrusodhcp6c: fix parsing of IA_PD adverts
2013-10-16 cyrusodhcpd: add new experimental dhcp-server
2013-10-15 jowdropbear: add mirror, provided by dropbear...
2013-10-15 luka[package] openvpn: make comp_lzo a parameter
2013-10-15 jowopenvpn-easy-rsa: restore essential patch to make it...
2013-10-14 cyrusodhcp6c: various fixes
2013-10-13 haukeiputils: do not compile this for brcm47xx with -O2
2013-10-13 haukeswitch: remove old switch driver
2013-10-12 haukelantiq: add some missing PKG_SOURCE_URLs
2013-10-11 jowdnsmasq: add option broadcast to host sections
2013-10-10 jowfirewall: small improvements in nat reflection
2013-10-10 jowppp: correct module loaded check in proto_pptp_setup
2013-10-10 jowdropbear: update to 2013.59 (released 4 october 2013)
2013-10-09 luka[package] openvpn: rework initscript (fixes #14299)
2013-10-08 nbdhostapd: recognize 8021x as an authentication mode
2013-10-08 nbdhostapd: add external registrar support
2013-10-08 nbdhostapd: enable WPS2 support on hostapd-full.config
2013-10-08 nbdhostapd: fix hostapd RSN preauthentication PMKSA caching
2013-10-08 nbdhostapd: Add WPS unconfigured & WPS pin method support
2013-10-08 nbdhostapd: Add eap_reauth_period config option
2013-10-07 luka[package] openvpn: switch to new procd init script...
2013-10-07 cyrusodhcp6c: improve server selection, introduce "forcepref...
2013-10-07 luka[package] iproute2: update to 3.11
2013-10-03 nbdnetifd: update to latest version, adds macvlan support
2013-10-02 cyrusodhcp6c: validate hop-limit on RAs
2013-10-02 cyrus6relayd: remove compat ULA setting by default (too...
2013-10-01 cyrusnetifd: don't remove & readd addresses that only have...
2013-09-29 nbduhttpd: add a config option for using ustream-polarssl...
2013-09-25 nbduhttpd: fix appending https ports to cmdline
2013-09-24 juhosgiwinfo: add Ubiquiti WispStation M5 to hardware.txt
2013-09-23 luka[package] fix various init scripts
2013-09-22 nbdxtables-addons: fix missing conversion from r38021...
2013-09-21 cyrusodhcp6c: handle NoAddrsAvail IA-status
2013-09-18 cyrusodhcp6c: Restart when server returns IAID error
2013-09-17 blogicprocd: convert various packages to procd style init...
2013-09-17 blogickernel: make most modules use AutoProbe
2013-09-14 nbdhostapd: adjust the md5sum for the uploaded source...
2013-09-14 nbdiwinfo: when using nl80211, parse interface combination...
2013-09-13 jowuhttpd: udpat to git head
2013-09-12 cyrusodhcp6c: Timing workaround for buggy servers
2013-09-05 cyrusodhcp6c: more compatibility fixes
2013-09-01 cyrusnetfilter: Add IPv6-NAT support for kernel and ipt
2013-09-01 cyrusiptables: Update to 1.4.20
2013-08-29 nbdnetifd: update to the latest version, fixes a bridge...
2013-08-25 acinonyxlldpd: Add libbsd dependency when using eglibc
2013-08-14 jowfirewall: update to git head
2013-08-08 nbdhostapd: fix typo in version number
2013-08-08 nbdhostapd: fix ubus reconnect handling
2013-08-08 nbdhostapd: add a build variant for wpa_supplicant with...
2013-08-08 nbdhostapd: update to latest version (20130707)
2013-08-06 nbdhostapd: Settings for DAE/CoA server
2013-08-06 nbdhostapd: Fix WDS/WEP usage
2013-08-06 nbdhostapd: Refresh patches
2013-08-06 nbdhostapd: Add an option to disable beaconing
2013-07-31 nbduhttpd: update to the latest version, fixes a crash...
2013-07-28 luka[package] iproute2: update to 3.10.0
2013-07-26 nbdopenvpn: update to 2.3.2
2013-07-26 cyrus6relayd: Overridden DNS should affect DHCPv6
2013-07-26 nbduhttpd: update to latest version, fixes issues with...
2013-07-26 nbdauthsae: add myself as a maintainer
2013-07-26 nbdauthsae: adapt uci scripts to use authsae
2013-07-26 nbdauthsae 80211s authentication daemon
2013-07-20 nbdead: fix compile errors with recent kernels
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix xtables-addons dependencies with kernel 3.3
2013-07-19 jowxtables-addons: use a select of kmod-ipt-core instead...
2013-07-19 jowxtables-addons: add missing kmod dependencies