netifd: remove connect_time from /var/state, it is unused
[openwrt.git] / package / network / config / netifd / files / lib /
2013-10-17 cyrusnetifd: rename customopts to sendopts for consistency
2013-10-17 cyrusAdded 'customopts' dhcp protocol option, which is an...
2013-06-28 cyrusnetifd: fix typo in dhcp script
2013-05-13 cyrusnetifd: added support for setting up 6rd from DHCP
2012-12-15 nbdnetifd: call /etc/udhcp.user from the netifd dhcp.script
2012-11-05 jownetifd: don't send a default client identifier in DHCP...
2012-10-17 blogicFix broadcast DHCP client startup option in
2012-10-10 nbdpackages: sort network related packages into package...