dhcp: add option specifying overriding custom-routes
[openwrt.git] / package / network / config / netifd / files / lib / netifd / dhcp.script
2015-05-02 cyrusdhcp: add option specifying overriding custom-routes
2015-04-17 cyrusnetwork: shorten names of generated interfaces
2015-03-15 jownetifd: dhcp: install host route to gateway (#19182)
2015-01-23 jownetifd: store additional DHCP lease information
2014-12-12 cyrusnetifd: Set source IP for DHCP static routes as well
2014-12-08 cyrusThis patch depends on "Pass source address to proto_add...
2014-10-12 cyrusnetifd: Make mtu configurable of dynamic 6rd tunnel...
2014-07-30 cyrusnetifd: suppress fw3 warnings in dhcp script
2014-07-24 cyrussoftwires: redesign dhcp(v6) provisioning
2014-03-26 cyrus6rd / ds-lite: make the firewall-zones of nested-protoc...
2014-03-13 cyrusnetifd: pass on delegate flag from dhcp to 6rd
2013-12-15 cyrusConvert DHCP->6rd and DHCPv6->DS-Lite autoconfig to...
2013-06-28 cyrusnetifd: fix typo in dhcp script
2013-05-13 cyrusnetifd: added support for setting up 6rd from DHCP
2012-12-15 nbdnetifd: call /etc/udhcp.user from the netifd dhcp.script
2012-10-10 nbdpackages: sort network related packages into package...