openvpn: fix compile error with musl
[openwrt.git] / package / boot /
2014-06-30 nbdrbcfg: fix format string bug
2014-06-29 kaloz[uboot-envtools]: add mvebu support
2014-06-26 lukauboot-envtools: use new scripts from /lib/ to match...
2014-06-24 blogicuboot-envtools: fix build if ubi volume support is...
2014-06-02 blogicpackage/uboot-envtools: add OpenMesh OM2P-HSv2 support
2014-06-02 blogicpackage/uboot-envtools: add OpenMesh OM2Pv2 support
2014-06-02 blogicuboot-envtools: add support for environment in ubi...
2014-06-02 blogiclantiq: Add ARV7510PW22 support
2014-06-01 wigyoriuboot-sunxi: add bananapi support
2014-05-28 luka[package] uboot-envtools: add support for kirkwood...
2014-05-23 luka[package] uboot-envtools: add Pogoplug E02 support
2014-05-23 luka[package] uboot-kirkwood: re-add Pogoplug E02 support
2014-05-20 luka[package] uboot-imx6: update to 2014.04
2014-05-20 luka[package] uboot-kirkwood: update to 2014.04
2014-05-19 luka[package] uboot-lantiq: remove duplicate define
2014-05-19 luka[package] uboot-envtools: update to 2014.04
2014-05-07 florianapex: change Source URL for Apex package
2014-05-06 wigyoriuboot-sunxi: update pcDuino3 config
2014-04-30 wigyoriuboot-sunxi: add support for LinkSprite pcDuino v3...
2014-04-22 blogicAdd Zyxel P-2812HNU-Fx images
2014-04-22 blogicAdd Fritz!Box 3370 images
2014-04-22 blogicRefresh patches
2014-04-22 blogicCreate firmware directory if it doesn't exist
2014-04-22 blogicDepend on lantiq board
2014-04-19 lukakobs-ng: Add support for overriding size
2014-04-16 blogiclantiq: remove uboot lzma patch, apparently its not...
2014-04-16 blogicuboot-lantiq: backport lzma fix
2014-04-13 juhosguboot-envtools: add support for the ZyXEL NBG6716 board
2014-04-12 blogicuboot-lantiq: enable parallel building
2014-04-12 blogicuboot-lantiq: reuse/copy VR9 GPHY firmware blobs from...
2014-04-12 blogicuboot-lantiq: add packages for AudioCodes MP-252
2014-04-12 blogicuboot-lantiq: add packages for various Arcadyan boards
2014-04-12 blogicuboot-lantiq: add packages for Lantiq EASY80920
2014-04-12 blogicuboot-lantiq: add packages for Lantiq EASY50712
2014-04-12 blogicuboot-lantiq: update to v2013.10
2014-03-30 nbdgrub2: disable mkfont - fix build on Archlinux
2014-03-30 nbdgrub2: disable libdevmapper - fix build when it's available
2014-03-20 nbduboot-envtools: fix build with musl
2014-03-12 nbdgrub2: update to 2.02-beta2, fixes mac os x 10.9 suppor...
2014-03-05 wigyoriuboot-sunxi: bump u-boot version
2014-02-21 haukekexec-tools: disable lzma support
2014-02-18 nicouboot-envtools: pass target cflags
2014-02-16 luka[package] uboot-kirkwood: add support for Seagate GoFlexNet
2014-02-15 luka[package] uboot-kirkwood: update to 2013.10
2014-02-05 wigyoriuboot-sunxi: various fixes
2014-01-31 wigyorisunxi: boot changes
2014-01-24 luka[package] uboot-envtools: add support for wndr3700
2014-01-17 blogickexec: bump to latest head revision
2014-01-12 wigyori[packages] uboot-sunxi: - add support for Cubietruck
2014-01-11 wigyori[packages] uboot-sunxi: add support for Olinuxino A10...
2014-01-07 kalozadd x86_64 target support
2014-01-04 wigyori[uboot-sunxi]: add support for pcDuino board
2014-01-04 wigyori[uboot-sunxi]: update version
2013-12-13 kaloz[uboot-omap]: fix jffs2 with internal libgcc and switch...
2013-11-29 kalozFPU type should not interfere with the ABI selection.
2013-11-26 kaloz[uboot-omap]: hide package, it's needed all the time
2013-11-26 kaloz[uboot-omap]: use plain image names inside the target...
2013-11-20 wigyoripackage: uboot-mxs: cosmetic fix
2013-11-13 wigyori[package]: uboot-sunxi: add U-boot builds for a couple...
2013-11-12 wigyorimxs: - update uboot-mxs to 3.10
2013-11-12 wigyoriuboot-envtools: add support for mxs target
2013-11-12 wigyorimxs: rename uboot-imx23 to uboot-mxs
2013-11-08 kaloz[omap]: rename the omap4 target to omap
2013-10-31 kaloz[u-boot/omap]: use a single package to build MLO/u...
2013-10-31 luka[package] uboot-imx6: update to 2013.10
2013-10-30 juhosguboot-ar71xx: make it depend on the generic ar71xx...
2013-10-28 nbdu-boot: prefer over
2013-10-18 luka[package] uboot-envtools: update to 2013.10
2013-10-14 luka[package] uboot-envtools: update kirkwood scripts
2013-10-14 wigyoriimx23: rename imx23 to mxs for upcoming imx23/28 support
2013-09-26 luka[package] uboot-imx6: fix typo in nitrogen6dlXg
2013-09-26 luka[package] uboot-imx6: add support for Nitrogen6x boards
2013-09-26 luka[package] uboot-imx6: alphabetize wandboard variants
2013-09-03 luka[package] kobs-ng: add new package
2013-08-29 luka[package] uboot-imx6: update to v2013.07
2013-08-29 luka[package] uboot-envtools: update to v2013.07
2013-08-22 wigyori[package]: uboot-imx23: add new package for i.MX233...
2013-08-19 luka[package] uboot-env: fix spurious esac within ramips...
2013-08-15 lukauboot-envtools: add support for hornet-ub-x2
2013-07-17 luka[package] uboot-env: add config for the ALFA NETWORKS...
2013-07-02 luka[package] uboot-envtools: add support for imx6 target
2013-07-02 luka[package] uboot-envtools: upgrade to 2013.07-rc1
2013-06-28 nbdkexec-tools: reduce size
2013-06-28 nbdkexec-tools: make zlib support optional, but enabled...
2013-06-26 wigyoritools: add tools for i.MX23 boards
2013-06-21 blogicpackages: clean up the package folder
2013-05-29 luka[package] uboot-imx6: add new package
2013-05-20 luka[package] uboot-envtools: upgrade to 2013.04
2013-05-07 blogicgrub2: Add sub package grub-editenv for target installation
2013-04-11 lukaThis adds Gateworks Laguna family board support. Note...
2013-03-15 luka[package] uboot-envtools: upgrade to version 2013.01.01
2013-03-03 luka[package] uboot-env: wzr-600dhp uses wzr-hp-ag300h...
2013-03-01 lukaar71xx: add support for Buffalo WZR 600DHP
2013-02-02 juhosguboot-envtools: add config for the Edimax BR-6425 board
2013-02-01 juhosgpackage/uboot-envtools: add OpenMesh MR600v2 support
2013-01-22 lukauboot-lantiq: upgrade to 2013.01
2013-01-07 mirko[package/boot/uboot-xburst] fix typo in Makefile
2013-01-07 mirkoThis patch updates uboot-xburst from 2009.11 to 2012...
2012-12-15 blogic[lantiq] fixes uboot dependency
2012-11-29 luka[boot] uboot-kirkwood: build in $(BUILD_DIR)