uboot-envtools: Add Gateworks Ventana Support
[openwrt.git] / package / boot / uboot-envtools / Makefile
2015-04-03 nicopackages: use $(LN) macro, make symlinks relative
2014-12-18 lukauboot-envtools: add more kirkwood boards
2014-11-30 lukauboot-envtools: bump to 2014.10
2014-11-29 luka[package] uboot-*: update license info in uboot packages
2014-11-26 blogicuboot-envtools: add support for oxnas target
2014-11-03 blogiclicense info - revert r43155
2014-11-03 blogicAdd more license tags with SPDX identifiers
2014-08-08 lukauboot-envtools: bump to 2014.07
2014-06-29 kaloz[uboot-envtools]: add mvebu support
2014-06-26 lukauboot-envtools: use new scripts from /lib/ to match...
2014-06-02 blogicuboot-envtools: add support for environment in ubi...
2014-05-28 luka[package] uboot-envtools: add support for kirkwood...
2014-05-19 luka[package] uboot-envtools: update to 2014.04
2014-02-18 nicouboot-envtools: pass target cflags
2014-01-24 luka[package] uboot-envtools: add support for wndr3700
2013-11-12 wigyoriuboot-envtools: add support for mxs target
2013-10-28 nbdu-boot: prefer mirror2.openwrt.org over ftp.denx.de...
2013-10-18 luka[package] uboot-envtools: update to 2013.10
2013-10-14 luka[package] uboot-envtools: update kirkwood scripts
2013-08-29 luka[package] uboot-envtools: update to v2013.07
2013-08-19 luka[package] uboot-env: fix spurious esac within ramips...
2013-07-02 luka[package] uboot-envtools: add support for imx6 target
2013-07-02 luka[package] uboot-envtools: upgrade to 2013.07-rc1
2013-05-20 luka[package] uboot-envtools: upgrade to 2013.04
2013-04-11 lukaThis adds Gateworks Laguna family board support. Note...
2013-03-15 luka[package] uboot-envtools: upgrade to version 2013.01.01
2012-10-16 blogic[boot] move boot related packages to their own folder