base-files: implement -l (--list-backup) sysupgrade parameter to list the files that...
[openwrt.git] / package / base-files / files / sbin / firstboot
2013-04-25 blogicmount_root: prepare base-files
2013-03-27 jogobase-files: firstboot: only ask for confirmation on TTY
2013-02-21 jogobase-files: make firstboot ask for confirmation
2012-12-19 mirkomerge /lib/functions/ and /lib/
2012-12-19 mirkoDo not overload mount-call - trying to reduce confusion
2010-03-21 florianchange from /jffs to /overlay, patch from Daniel Dickinson
2010-03-05 nicofirstboot: detect mtd, rom & jffs parts first, fix...
2010-01-25 nbdadd preinit modularization work by Daniel Dickinson...
2009-09-27 nbdfirstboot: add support for union mounts
2009-09-27 nbdbase-files: move firstboot to /sbin