don't run mdev on hotplug pseudo-events that come from user space
[openwrt.git] / package / base-files / files / lib /
2007-02-27 nbdadd a check for brctl in the unbridge() function (fixes...
2007-02-26 nbdIntegrate basic UCI config file validation support
2007-02-25 nbdintegrate the fix from #1348 and clean up the network...
2007-01-27 nbdadd broadcast setting for /etc/config/network interfaces
2007-01-20 nbdignore the bridge option if brctl is not available
2007-01-17 nbdFix the issue where the default gateway is not set
2007-01-14 nbdadd checks for {ip,ip6}addr in the network config
2007-01-08 nbdForward port whiterussian resolv.conf changes
2006-12-14 nbdfix CONFIG_FILENAME in uci_commit()
2006-12-14 nbdfix typo
2006-12-10 nbdfix uci_load trash output (#1040)
2006-12-09 florianSet up ipv6 address if provided in network configuratio...
2006-12-08 nbdfix a typo
2006-12-04 nbdadd option for setting the mac address (#1014)
2006-11-22 nbdrename default/ to files/