add some hardware info for soekris net4801
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2005-08-13 nicoadd some hardware info for soekris net4801
2005-05-20 kalozadded Linksys WRT54GS v1.1 docs
2005-03-31 kalozAdded some buffalo docs.
2005-03-30 kalozRe-add docs of the Asus WL-500G Deluxe.
2005-03-30 kalozcorrect the unit name, and clean up
2005-03-30 nbdadd wl-500gx to hardware documentation dir (files from...
2005-03-26 kalozadded dmesg for the WRT54G v2.0
2005-03-21 nbdadd wrt54g v2 info
2005-03-05 wbxmotorola docs from nate
2005-03-02 nicoAdd hardware details for WRT54G v1.1
2005-02-23 wbxadd documentation for wrt54gs v1.0
2005-02-23 wbxsort nvram, rename proc.txt
2005-02-18 wbxwrt54g v2.2 documentation, 2.4.29 works okay.
2005-02-17 wbxadd 2.4.29 dmesg
2005-02-17 wbxsome documentation for Asus WL-500g
2005-02-17 wbxadd filestructure for hardware documentation