remove duplicate package/ prefix from package dump error message
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2006-04-08 mbmfix documentation stylesheet to work from svn
2006-01-08 wbxfix documentation, fixes #176
2005-10-22 nbddocument package makefile format changes
2005-10-21 nbdremove deprecated customization method from buildroot...
2005-10-21 kalozfix path for target skeleton in the buildroot documentation
2005-10-17 nicoadd a comma
2005-09-14 wbxi hate this fucking laptop
2005-09-14 wbxusers should use whiterussian
2005-09-04 wbxadd new contact adress
2005-08-23 wbxadd some docs from Markus Becker about adding custom...
2005-07-15 wbxupdated example Makefile and descriptions
2005-07-15 wbxsome more up to date information
2005-07-15 wbxupdate obtaining buildroot
2005-03-30 wbxinclude missing
2005-03-24 nbdbuildroot-documentation.html
2005-03-24 nbdfix target name in buildroot documentation example
2005-03-23 wbxupdate document with new PKG_MD5SUM
2005-03-21 wbxsome minor fixes
2005-03-21 nbdupdate buildroot documentation
2005-01-16 mbmInitial revision