ar71xx: refresh patches
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2014-08-31 nbdAdd 'subversion' build dependency to README
2013-03-07 nbdbuild: BSD compile fixes
2013-03-06 mirkoUpdate README file
2012-01-21 mirkotrying to make README file a bit more helpful
2010-03-05 nicoremove bison requirement (see [10398] & [14900])
2008-12-31 nbdchange readme to point to scripts/flashing/
2007-02-26 nbdadd information about the tex4ht requirement for the...
2007-01-05 florianUpdate the README to something more realistic
2006-10-13 nbdfinally move buildroot-ng to trunk
2005-09-11 wbxpkg-config is needed for some packages
2005-04-20 wbxadd unzip
2005-04-15 wbxlittle modification
2005-04-02 wbxlzma loader patch from oleg, great thanks good work...
2005-03-12 wbxremove stuff, update to reality
2005-02-23 wbxI do not believe that users will cleanup kernelsource...
2005-02-23 wbxOpenWRT -> OpenWrt
2005-02-19 wbxdemistifying make *clean targets, fix some clean target...