2015-08-13 nbdimage: fix handling of per-device kernel build commands
2015-08-13 nbdimage: fix device variable exports for initramfs images
2015-08-12 rmileckibcm53xx: add workaround for Netgear R8000 network
2015-08-12 rmileckibrcm47xx: fix reading WGT634U CFE variables
2015-08-12 rmileckibase-files: buttons: make power script return 0
2015-08-10 rmileckibuttons: make all button handler scripts return 0
2015-08-10 rmileckiprocd: update to the latest version, add "button" hotpl...
2015-08-09 haukeCC: kernel: crypto: fix module loading of aead.ko
2015-08-03 blogicar71xx: use automatic firmware partition splitting...
2015-08-03 blogicar71xx: Backport support for Onion Omega
2015-08-02 nbdramips: Fix Ticket #20153 swap radio calibration data...
2015-08-01 nbdar71xx: fix mr3220 device profile (#19990)
2015-07-31 wigyorisunxi: CC: fix networking on Olimex A20 Micro
2015-07-31 kalozmvebu: update dts files for mamba / WRT1900AC (backport...
2015-07-31 kalozmvebu: fix gpio config on the WRT1200AC (backport of...
2015-07-30 kalozmwlwifi: upgrade to latest rev with fixed firmware...
2015-07-27 jowCC: sdk: provide explicit CONFIG_MODULES kconfig symbol
2015-07-27 jowCC: dnsmasq: add some missing files to the jail
2015-07-27 jowCC: base-files: fix /tmp/.jail permissions
2015-07-27 jowCC: procd: update to latest git HEAD
2015-07-27 cyrusfirewall: fix typo in ESP rule
2015-07-27 cyrusfirewall: comply with REC-22, REC-24 of RFC 6092
2015-07-26 nbdramips: swap radio calibration data pointers for DIR...
2015-07-26 nbdtools: drop circular dependency between patch and ccach...
2015-07-25 haukeCC: ar71xx: EPG5000 requires ATH79_NVRAM
2015-07-25 jogoCC: kernel: update 3.18 to 3.18.19
2015-07-25 jogoCC: brcm63xx: HG553 buttons support
2015-07-24 blogicCC: ar71xx: add LED defaults for the EnGenius EPG5000
2015-07-24 blogicCC: ar71xx: Fix WAN port location on EnGenius ESR1750...
2015-07-24 blogicCC: ar71xx: add profile and build image for EnGenius...
2015-07-24 blogicCC: ar71xx: add user-space support for EnGenius EPG5000.
2015-07-24 blogicCC: ar71xx: add kernel support for EnGenius EPG5000.
2015-07-24 blogicv3: CC : ar71xx: Backport Support for the Bitmain Antmi...
2015-07-24 blogicar71xx: add support for the devolo dLAN pro 1200+ WiFi ac
2015-07-24 blogicmac80211: make ath10k firmware v2 selectable
2015-07-24 blogicar71xx: add support for the devolo dLAN pro 500 Wireless+
2015-07-18 florianat91: add Device Tree based board detection
2015-07-18 florianat91: sama5d3: enable USB2 by default
2015-07-18 floriankernel: fix OHCI and EHCI modules for AT91
2015-07-18 florianat91: enable Micrel PHY driver
2015-07-18 nbdmt76: backport rx buffer allocation fix from r46409
2015-07-18 nbdramips: enable mt76 by default for mt7621
2015-07-17 jowCC: toplevel.mk: fix LD_LIBRARY_PATH for host binaries
2015-07-14 rmileckiubox: update to latest git HEAD
2015-07-13 cyrusodhcp6c: fix some more compatibility issues
2015-07-13 cyrusodhcp6c: work-around more ISP DHCPv6-PD issues
2015-07-12 haukeCC: curl: fix some security vulnerabilities
2015-07-12 haukeCC: kernel: fix loading bluetooth_6lowpan
2015-07-12 haukeCC: kernel: add missing config option
2015-07-12 haukeCC: kernel: update 3.18 to 3.18.18
2015-07-10 nbdebtables: remove partially broken musl fix
2015-07-10 nbdtoolchain: mark musl as broken for the chaos_calmer...
2015-07-09 rmileckimac80211: add brcmfmac patch fixing user space picked...
2015-07-09 rmileckimac80211: try to workaround some brcmfmac bug with...
2015-07-09 jowCC: openssl: update to v1.0.2d (CVE-2015-1793)
2015-07-09 blogicx86/xen_domu: enable image generation
2015-07-08 rmileckinvram: get rid of NVRAM_SPACE
2015-07-08 rmileckinvram: fix displayed info about NVRAM size
2015-07-08 rmileckiRevert "Revert "nvram: increase NVRAM size to 64 KiB""
2015-07-08 rmileckinvram: fix "Segmentation fault" caused by setting memor...
2015-07-08 rmileckiprocd: update to the latest version, fix stdout logging
2015-07-07 nbdar71xx: fix kernel Oops in at803x_link_change_notify
2015-07-07 cyrusscripts/feeds: observe -p flag for preferential feeds
2015-07-04 jogoCC: kernel: kmod-scsi-core: fix load on install
2015-07-03 jowCC: uclibc++: make g++-uc* wrappers relocatable
2015-07-02 nbdath9k: make DMA stop related messages debug-only (...
2015-07-02 nbdmdns: fix ubus wait_for command
2015-07-01 jogoCC: kernel: update 3.18 to 3.18.17
2015-07-01 jogoCC: brcm63xx: swap a4001n power leds again
2015-07-01 jogoCC: brcm63xx: unbreak board_probe_switch again
2015-06-29 blogicRevert "ar71xx: add profile and build image for EnGeniu...
2015-06-29 blogicRevert "ar71xx: add user-space support for EnGenius...
2015-06-29 blogicRevert "ar71xx: add kernel support for EnGenius EPG5000."
2015-06-22 rmileckib53: Allow using all 8 ports on BCM53011
2015-06-21 rmileckibcm53xx: respect ACTIVE_LOW when powering USB using...
2015-06-21 rmileckibcm53xx: enable USB power on Buffalo WZR-1750DHP
2015-06-21 rmileckibcm53xx: update SPROM driver to include just-sent patch
2015-06-21 rmileckimac80211: backport some brcmfmac patches
2015-06-21 rmileckibcm53xx: enable USB power on Netgear R6250
2015-06-21 rmileckibcm53xx: update xHCI patch
2015-06-21 rmileckibcm53xx: fix enabling GPIO-controlled USB power
2015-06-21 rmileckibcm53xx: add xHCI support
2015-06-21 rmileckiramips: refresh patch with USB_MT7621_XHCI_PLATFORM
2015-06-21 rmileckikernel: make USB_XHCI_PLATFORM selectable
2015-06-21 rmileckiotrx: optimize memory usage by function checking TRX CRC
2015-06-21 rmileckiotrx: make crc32 table global for further optimizations
2015-06-21 nbdath9k: fix ar956x device detection
2015-06-19 kalozmwlwifi: upgrade to (backport of r46061)
2015-06-18 blogicralink: add support for mt7621 switch counters
2015-06-18 blogicar71xx: add profile and build image for EnGenius EPG5000.
2015-06-18 blogicar71xx: add user-space support for EnGenius EPG5000.
2015-06-18 blogicar71xx: add kernel support for EnGenius EPG5000.
2015-06-18 blogicar71xx: add support for TL-WR720N-v4.
2015-06-18 blogicar71xx: add support for compex wpj531
2015-06-18 blogicar71xx: Add Support for the Bitmain Antminer S1
2015-06-18 blogicramips: Add Support for the Linksys RE6500
2015-06-18 blogicramips: Add support for the D-Link DCS-930 B1
2015-06-18 blogicramips: add support for PandoraBox PBR-M1
2015-06-18 blogicramips: fix a bug in the cevt code on mt7620
2015-06-18 nbdar71xx: fix hw id of tl-wr710n image (#19902)