2015-06-17 nbdkernel: add missing config symbol
2015-06-16 nbdbase-files: replace snapshot key with 15.05 release key
2015-06-16 nbdopkg: fix duplicate check_signature line for smime...
2015-06-16 rmileckibcm53xx: use USB patches sent upstream by Hauke
2015-06-16 rmileckikernel: use bcma-hcd.ko on bcm53xx for ohci
2015-06-15 nbdkernel: add missing config symbol (#19870)
2015-06-15 nbdmt76: update to the latest version to fix a build error...
2015-06-15 nbdversion.mk: adjust for CC release
2015-06-15 cyrusUpdate dnsmasq to v2.73.
2015-06-15 nbdRevert "kernel: add rtl8723au driver (staging)"
2015-06-14 nbdfeeds.conf.default: use the for-15.05 branches, drop...
2015-06-14 nbdremove broken targets
2015-06-14 nbdgcc: remove version 4.9
2015-06-14 nbdkernel: remove linux 4.0
2015-06-14 nbdadd chaos_calmer branch