Extend StandardEject sequence to include LUN 1
[project/usbmode.git] / switch.c
2016-11-21 Benjamin BergExtend StandardEject sequence to include LUN 1
2016-07-19 Felix Fietkauadd TargetClass support
2014-08-24 John Crispinadd a mbim eject handler
2014-07-17 John Crispinrecognize the HuaeiNewMode and StandardEject options
2013-08-20 Felix Fietkaufix data type of the "response" field (https://dev...
2013-05-31 Felix Fietkauadd support for remaining device modes
2013-05-31 Felix Fietkauadd config/altsetting switching
2013-05-30 Felix Fietkauimplement generic switching
2013-05-30 Felix Fietkaudetach the kernel driver before mode switch
2013-05-30 Felix Fietkauallow the device data to override the interface
2013-05-30 Felix Fietkauuse an array for messages
2013-05-30 Felix Fietkauadd code for converting messages
2013-05-30 Felix Fietkaumove some code to a separate source file