set the docroot to the current working directory if none is specified, fixes random...
[project/uhttpd.git] / ubus.c
2013-01-25 Jo-Philipp Wichubus: pass json rpc arguments to called ubus functions
2013-01-25 Jo-Philipp Wichubus: add option to not authenticate ubus requests
2013-01-25 Jo-Philipp Wichubus: remove session api from plugin and check access...
2013-01-13 Felix Fietkaurelicense to ISC
2013-01-13 Felix Fietkaurework the ubus plugin to support JSON-RPC 2.0
2013-01-07 Felix Fietkauubus: split out session handling code into ubus-session.c
2013-01-07 Felix Fietkaufix typo
2013-01-07 Felix Fietkaufix prefix lookup
2013-01-07 Felix Fietkauadd ubus support