fix `uci import` with not yet existing packages
[project/uci.git] / uci_internal.h
2013-10-15 Luka Perkovstyle: fix whitespace errors
2013-01-04 Felix Fietkauremove plugin support, it has been unused for a long...
2011-10-21 Felix Fietkauadd a few missing null pointer checks, and fix check...
2011-08-31 Felix Fietkaufix lgpl license headers
2011-03-26 Felix Fietkaufix building without plugin support
2010-08-20 Felix Fietkausplit off and compile delta.c separately
2010-08-20 Felix Fietkauuci_history -> uci_delta
2010-08-20 Felix Fietkausplit off and compile file.c separately
2008-08-22 Felix Fietkaucode cleanup, some api changes for new uci_ptr struct
2008-05-26 Felix Fietkaumore const stuff
2008-04-09 Felix Fietkaurename ctx->errno to ctx->err to avoid conflicts with...
2008-02-12 Felix Fietkaumore functionality for plugins
2008-02-12 Felix Fietkaumore plugin support
2008-02-12 Felix Fietkaumake more functions available externally
2008-02-12 Felix Fietkaufold err.h into uci_internal.h
2008-02-05 Felix Fietkauimplement the uci changes command to display uncommitte...