libubus.h: add ubus_auto_shutdown()
[project/ubus.git] / ubusd_proto.c
2016-01-26 Felix Fietkauubusd: fix a memory leak on user/group client info
2015-12-09 Felix Fietkauubusd: fix the return code for acl check mismatch
2015-06-18 John Crispinhook acl into ubusd
2015-06-18 John Crispinmake ubus_proto_send_msg_from_blob() none static
2015-06-18 John Crispinmake ubus_parse_msg() none static
2015-06-18 John Crispinpass ubus_msg_buf to callback of internal object
2015-06-18 John Crispinremove obseleted validation of key
2015-04-20 Hans Dedeckerubus: Fix issues reported by static code analysis tool...
2014-09-17 Zefir Kurtisilibubus: replace __init with __constructor
2014-04-01 Felix Fietkauubusd: fix processing object method signatures
2014-02-18 Felix Fietkauubusd: implement protocol support for passing file...
2012-12-14 Felix Fietkauubusd: implement notify forwarding with status reporting
2012-12-14 Felix Fietkauremove the "method" argument for object subscription
2012-12-14 Felix Fietkauubus: add notification for subscribers present/gone
2012-12-13 Felix Fietkauwatch add/remove -> subscribe/unsubscribe:
2012-05-19 Felix Fietkauubusd: add support for watching objects to get notified...
2011-10-28 Felix Fietkaufix unused but set variable
2011-09-14 Felix Fietkauubusd: fix a use after free bug
2011-06-17 Felix Fietkauadd copyright/license information
2011-02-07 Felix Fietkauremove some duplication
2011-02-07 Felix Fietkaumove more protocol related stuff to ubusd_proto.c
2011-02-07 Felix Fietkaumake ubusd_get_client_by_id static
2011-02-07 Felix Fietkaumake ubus_parse_msg static
2011-02-07 Felix Fietkauadd code for sending events and fix the code for receiv...
2011-02-06 Felix Fietkauimplement a handler for UBUS_MSG_REMOVE_OBJECT
2011-02-06 Felix Fietkaufollow blob_get_int* -> blob_get_u* rename
2011-02-06 Felix Fietkaurename publish to add_object
2011-02-05 Felix Fietkaufix message buffering
2011-02-05 Felix Fietkauadd functionality for registering anonymous objects...
2011-02-05 Felix Fietkauadd some stub functionality for the ubus event switch
2011-01-31 Felix Fietkauexport the object type through lookup calls
2011-01-31 Felix Fietkaucleanup, pass both data and status messages on to other...
2011-01-31 Felix Fietkauremove support for path based invoke, add object id...
2011-01-31 Felix Fietkauremove path based invoke functions, add stub implementa...
2011-01-30 Felix Fietkauadd stubs for invoke
2011-01-30 Felix FietkauInitial import