libubus: do not register/unregister with uloop during sync requests
[project/ubus.git] / ubusd_acl.c
2016-09-05 Denis Osvaldubusd: fix inverted check in ubusd_reply_add
2016-08-25 Denis Osvaldubusd: don't check ACL when object is NULL
2016-01-26 Felix Fietkauubusd: fix a memory leak on user/group client info
2016-01-13 Felix Fietkauubusd: add missing NULL pointer checks for ACL processing
2015-12-09 Felix Fietkauubusd: allow all object access if uid=0 (ignore gid)
2015-12-09 Felix Fietkauubusd: simplify/fix avl loop in ubusd_reply_add()
2015-12-09 Felix Fietkauubusd: simplify/fix avl loop in ubusd_acl_check()
2015-12-09 Felix Fietkauubusd: make ACL path configurable on the command line
2015-12-09 Felix Fietkauubusd: remove a faulty and redundant check
2015-09-22 John Crispinfix off-by-one in acl match iteration
2015-09-22 John Crispinunbreak acl allocation
2015-07-01 John Crispinfix a copy & paste bug
2015-06-24 Felix Fietkauubusd: fix build on non-linux systems without peercred...
2015-06-18 John Crispinadd acl code