make uci commit calls trigger config.change events
[project/rpcd.git] / uci.c
2013-09-05 John Crispinmake uci commit calls trigger config.change events
2013-09-05 John Crispinrename rpc_uci_purge_savedir to rpc_uci_purge_dir
2013-09-05 Jo-Philipp WichUse common /var/run/rpcd base directory to store runtim...
2013-09-05 Jo-Philipp Wichuci: expose rpc_uci_purge_savedirs() helper
2013-09-04 Jo-Philipp WichMove includes into subdirectory
2013-09-03 Jo-Philipp Wichuci: use per-session save directory and register sessio...
2013-09-02 Jo-Philipp WichRename from "luci-rpcd" to "rpcd"
2013-08-12 Jo-Philipp Wichuci: refactor revert code to avoid illegal pointer...
2013-08-12 Jo-Philipp Wichuci: implement config level ACLs
2013-06-19 Jo-Philipp Wichuci: expose section ordering index when dumping complet...
2013-06-18 Jo-Philipp Wichuci: add delete method
2013-02-02 Jo-Philipp Wichuci: add configs method to list all existing packages
2013-02-02 Jo-Philipp Wichadd ubus uci api