syslog: fix incorrect use of sizeof() in vsnprintf()
[project/procd.git] / system.c
2013-09-03 John Crispinadd a ubus handler that allows sending signals to processes
2013-07-08 John Crispinremove superflous define
2013-07-04 John Crispinadd trigger support
2013-06-29 John Crispinadd support for the system.event node
2013-06-04 John Crispinmerge ubus system namespace from rpcd codebase
2013-04-23 John Crispinfix behaviour during sysupgrade
2013-04-07 Felix Fietkauwatchdog: add support for starting/stopping watchdog...
2013-03-13 John Crispinadd ubus system object